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Technology changes in a jiffy, and we often feel the systems we install in our homes become boring when new technology arrives. Making changes to the system of our house and updating it is known as renovation. 

The most important part of the house that needs renovation is the bathroom. Bathroom renovation makes the house look classy and makes room for updated technology to enter the house making the house look more modern and feasible to use. 

In this article, we will discuss 10 bathroom renovation hacks that we must follow in our home renovation.

1. Improve Your Fixtures:

The first and the foremost hack in making a bathroom renovation is to change the fixtures. 

As we discussed earlier, technology changes are very frequent. Using old fixtures with old technology might make your bathroom look old and boring. Thus, making changes to your taps, showers, and washbasin sink can bring in a new and fresh wave of change in your bathroom.

Besides, changing the faucets make your bathroom look upgraded with the newest technology. 

2. Instal A Simple Vanity:

This is one of the most convenient options that one can exercise. Installing a small cupboard over the washbasin of the bathroom can help you improve the look of the bathroom.

It will be one of the cheapest ways of making a massive change to the look of your bathroom. All you need to do is construct a cupboard or vanity that will help in picking up all the extra visible items of the bathroom and shove them off sight into a vanity.

This will make your bathroom look cleaner and tidier.

3. Go For Minimal Changes:

Another most important hack that one must follow in bathroom renovation is to go for as few changes as possible.

The idea is not to change the layout of the bathroom but to modify the look of the bathroom.

The main layout of the bathroom should remain the same, the toilet seat must remain where it was, and the other things in the bathroom should remain where they are. There should only be a modification of the look of the house like replacement of pipes, changing the faucets, adding new furniture, etc.

4. Make Changes To The Tiles:

Another majorly important hack that one can follow is installing a new tile style in your bathroom. This can be a massive trick to modify the look of your bathroom and is one of the most used hacks in a bathroom renovation.

5. Keep A Track Of Water Usage:

We can change the toilet seats if we wish, but one thing to keep in mind while doing this is to keep the track of water usage.

We should not simply opt for seats that are cheap, rather going for seats that reduce our cost per flush can help us in managing our water bill.

6. Use Multiple Use Accessories:

This is one of the most convenient hacks for getting a feasible two-in-one use of accessories. For instance, mirrored cupboards in the bathroom can solve two purposes, they increase storage as well as provide a mirror as well.

This is not only a budget-friendly way of bathroom renovation but also helps in reducing the hotchpotch by using multiple, single-purpose accessories.

7. Add A Pop Of Colors:

Another most important hack to make a boring bathroom look lively is to add a pop of color to it. It could be a simple painting or a design or simply a wallpaper that you can use in one corner of the bathroom.

This hack uplifts the spirit of the bathroom and enhances the look.

8. Make Changes To The Lighting System:

Another useful hack that can make all difference is making changes in the lighting of the bathroom. Using a simple chandelier in the bathroom will give it a royal and rich look.

Simple bulbs and tubes are kind of boring.

We can make the bathroom look more lively with LED strip lights or fluorescent bulbs that will help you make get a traditional yet new look to your bathroom.

9. Change Your Washbasin:

Another bathroom renovation hack that one can use is changing that old washbasin. Going with a classic style is all you need to do to get that traditional yet modern look to your bathroom.

10. Use Multiple Mirrors To Create An Illusion Of A Larger Space:

Making use of multiple mirrors will make an illusion of making your bathroom look bigger. It is extremely helpful in opening space in your bathroom, thus, one must ensure that a mirror makes space in the bathroom for them. Incorporating a stylish mirror will also make your bathroom look beautiful and attractive.

These were the 10 bathroom renovation hacks that will be very useful for people when getting their bathrooms renovated.


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