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10 Most Earning Youtubers of 2021

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The top earning identified by Forbes aren’t always those who have the highest views, instead, people who have been able to earn money successfully through partnership agreements with brands, sponsorship deals, and sales of merchandise. Also Check: USD to PKR

Though it’s estimated that more than two-thirds of YouTube content isn’t made in the English language, it is apparent that creators who speak English are the most successful in monetizing their popularity.

YouTube like other platforms for media is grappling with issues of false information and harmful content however, this doesn’t seem to affect the ability of its creators to bring sponsors and advertisers to their channels.

Here’s the complete top 10.

Preston Arsement

Preston Arsement grew his community mostly through videos centered around Minecraft however, he also runs multiple channels on the website.

Regular on our list of players, the player made around $16 million (PS11m) by 2021, lower than the year prior which he finished in the sixth spot.

Logan Paul

A controversial sport and YouTube vlogger, the boxer was not in the top 10 of 2017’s list. He made $18 million (PS13m) in 2021. Also Check: Gold Rate in Pakistan


Dude Superb!

Comedy Pranksters Dude Perfect was number three on the list for 2020. They earned $20m (PS14m) in the year prior.

Ryan Kaji

The most well-known toy reviewer has fallen from the top of the tree to seventh place.

In 2021, his mix of reviews for toys, educational videos, and videos of his family helped him earn $27 million (PS19m).


Seven-year-old Russian has almost 90 million users on YouTube.

Her first role was as a toy boxer, but now her music videos and vlogs are gaining popularity, as well as her income has grown to $28 million (PS20m) for 2021.


A brand new video is Minecraft, Minecraft player has uploaded content to YouTube for over a decade.

The rights of his old catalog to the company Spotter in the year before which led to his profits in the amount of $28.5m (PS20m). Also Check: Euro to PKR

Rhett and Link

A key element of the YouTube highest-earning list, the hosts of the show for geeks Good Mythical Morning earned $30m (PS22m) in 2021.


Another popular creator of games, Markiplier has used his business expertise to create an extremely successful line of merchandise, netting $38 million (PS27m) this year.

Jake Paul

Through moving towards the boxing world, Jake Paul has been able to get back into the top 10 of boxing. His fights that have been telecast to the world of UFC stars have helped him earn $45 million (PS32m) in 2021.

It’s a nice improvement for the creator, who was criticized by his wife over a couple of videos they posted in 2017 that many were deemed to be bad taste.

There are more plans for boxing in the works to 2022 in the near future, it should be not a surprise to see him remain among the best YouTubers on the list for next year. Also Check: Pound to PKR


The top YouTube earner is a creator who employs tricks and pranks to entertain his followers.

The year before, he re-created aspects of the Netflix famous Squid Game on his channel. He played the game of hide-and-seek in a stadium that seats 80,000 and was then buried beneath the ground.

The 10 billion views he received, along with the MrBeast Burger franchise, means Jimmy Donaldson almost doubled his earnings in 2021, after placing second on the list in the previous year.

For many years, designers have been working to find an audience and a master shower. Of course, by typing video content for fans, some designers have found a way to reveal their personal lives for a gorgeous basket look.

Logan Paul and Ambox, by chance, are the biggest names on the YouTub platform. But there are millions of revenue streams (at least an internal name). In 2005, Youtube was like a fish site for a few years. But now there can be more than a billionaires.

This is not the only wealth of attraction. Most of the largest U-shibirs in the game have been channeling for a decade or more. The highest income of 2021 was added to 2021 with a long turn and a state of emergency.

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