So, forming a yoga community should be high on every yoga practitioner’s mind. Online classes can help all of us pursue our most beloved fitness modality from the comfort of our homes. However, many of you may still feel something amiss in the 300 Hr online kundalini yoga teacher training

It may be isolation and the feeling of being deprived of companionship which is evident in offline classes. Moreover, when you practice in a group, and work towards common goals, things naturally fall into place. You can even share your doubts and get motivated at the same time. If you have just taken admission to the 200 Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training course, then you should definitely read on.

Tips to Build A Yoga Community Online 

As a trainer, when you teach yoga, you may face multiple dilemmas. The students may not be as communicative, as you expected them to be, or they are distracted. You can build the community in a number of ways. 

Use Social Media Tools 

Considering that you are quite adept at using social media by now, it is one of the first places to start with. You can use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Pinterest to post your yoga content. Social pages for business have turned the tables for many yoga schools, and Kundalini Yoga Ashram is no different. You Can post the content on social media regularly to generate interest. You can create a private group on Facebook, or announce a few events. You can also cross-promote one another. That helps to build an effective community. 

Create Newsletters for Your Students

You can also create newsletters, in which you can print information about your yogic practices. You must be having an email list for that. An email is a good way to create an online community. Moreover, you can ask your subscribers and fans to elicit a response and post comments. That way, you will know what else you need to do to create community spirit. 

Yoga CommunityStart a Contest 

Everyone loves challenges, and contests can be challenging. There are people who are looking towards changing their careers midway. You can support them, by rewarding them for their content. Challenges and exciting content work both ways. You can also participate in other Yogi’s challenges and garner a good response. 

Collaborate With Other Trainers

You can collaborate on the 200 Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training with other yogis in your community, and build a community. Such collaborative efforts work quite well today. You can also co-teach workshops at the local NGO or community centre. Try to arrange giveaways as well. It will help you create a community and promote your business as well. 

Interact With One Another 

You must ensure to interact with one and all to build a community that can foster creativity. It is crucial to building your yoga business. Additionally, you can do this both online and offline. Interactions are the foundation, upon which you can base your prowess. You can showcase the contents of the 200 Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training online. It will help you to create interest and also generate inquiries. 

Get Everyone to Face the Camera Together

You can ask everyone to come together for Om chanting. It is something that everybody can connect with. Invite all the students to look at the camera, and chant the mantra. Tell everyone, what changes will enter into their lives after they collaboratively participate in the chanting online. When you tell people about the same, they will readily agree to do so. 

Arrange an Ice Breaker Session 

Online Yoga Teacher Training will help you bring people from all walks of life together on one platform. Ask people where they are from, what their interests are and ask them to give a funny introduction, which everybody will remember. You will be able to bring out the exact character of the students online. 

Leave The Chat Function On 

While the class is on, you should activate the chat function. It is one of the best online resources, like Zoom. It is helpful for larger events and activities, when there are too many participants. Moreover, you have to keep a tab on the chats and queries that are coming up, and answer them. This activity will help to keep the community alive. 

Treat The Online Class As An Offline One 

You should prepare and ask the students to do the same, as an offline class. It means, dressing up in the right attire, and also utilizing props. Additionally, you should come online on time. The students will emulate the trainers. So, this is just apt for you, as a trainer. The 200 Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training will be a success in this manner. 

Remind Students About Togetherness 

Lastly, while the online yoga teacher training is on, you must remind the students, that although it is an online class, you all are working towards a single goal. This will create a family-oriented atmosphere. 

It is not necessary to include all of these. You can do with some of these and leave the rest to others. By utilizing a few of these tips, you can build the ultimate yoga community of your own.

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