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10 ways to fix 5b00 error in your printer

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The Canon printer may stop working, and errors may occur. Go to the Printer & Print Settings folder, go to Maintenance, and click View Printer Status to see the following: Support code: 5b00. You can fix 5b00 error restoring program for canon printers.


Canon users usually encounter Canon printer error code 5b00 when the ink system in the printer is constantly filling up with ink. Still, it is not absorbed, and the Canon printer produces an error message 5B00.


You can also easily get technical support for your Canon printer at home to find out why this error occurs and how to fix it. Everyone knows that error messages are generally very common in Canon printers, such as various errors that people encounter during the running time of the Canon printer.


Fixing the Canon 5b00 printer error code is not difficult for users when an error occurs, especially if the continuous ink system is always installed. These systems tend to push the printer too far. In some cases, a continuous ink system may cause a small amount of ink into the printer. This can fill the ink pad and generate this error code 5B00.


The Canon printer displays an error when the ink absorber is full of ink. If you face the same problem with your Canon printer, they advise you to consider resetting the ink meter.


  1. What Are Canon 5B00 Printer Errors?

Users with error 5b00 usually have difficulty printing due to improper use of ink cartridges.


  1. How do you reset a Canon G3000 printer?

The alarm will run 24 times. Pressing and releasing the power button will reset the settings on this unit. When your computer restarts, all settings will be read. IJ Network Tool returns to the default settings by setting an administrator password. Configure the device when the configuration is complete.


  1. How do you put a Canon G3000 into service mode?

  • Turn off the printer.
  • You can end the discussion by pressing and holding the pause button.
  • It would help if you held down the power button.
  • Press the stop button (hold down the on/off switch).
  • Each time you press the stop button, it’s time to do it four times.
  • You can stop the process by pressing and holding the stop button.
  • Press the power key and the Power key simultaneously, and then press the power key.


  1. How can you get rid of Canon printer errors?

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Use the reset/stop button to shut down or reset your computer.
  • Colour reproduction can be performed by pressing the button used to create it.
  • Wait 5 seconds.
  • This printer now works as designed.
  • Can you tell me if this printer indicates that the device needs to be calibrated?
  • The printer has been reset.


  1. How to put a Canon printer into service mode?

  • Press the User Mode key or “*” (star) on the Canon keyboard.
  • Do the same with keys 2 and 8 at the same time.
  • Press “User mode” to establish service mode.


  1. How do you reset a full Canon ink absorber?

When the printer is on, plug in, hold the power cord, and press and hold the power key. When the printer is connected, press until the power turns off.


  1. What happens if you reset your Canon printer?

If you try to restore your Canon printer to factory defaults, it will be restored to its original settings, and all backgrounds and rules you made after purchase will be deleted. You must also reconnect the printer to the network and restart the setup process.


  1. How do you reset your Canon G3000 password?

  • You can check the status of the printer in your web browser.
  • Select Security.
  • Select Set Administrator Password.
  • Select Change Administrator Password.
  • To check if the administrator password is valid, select the area where the password is displayed.
  • Click OK when you see the completion message.


  1. Reset a Canon printer to factory settings?

  • Click Configure.
  • You can access the device settings by pressing the arrow keys until you reach the section.
  • Click the arrow buttons to go to Reset Settings. Scroll to select OK to see the reset settings.
  • Click Reset All until you see Reset All.
  • Select Yes.
  • You have reset the device. Click OK again.


  1. Is it possible to reset a Canon printer?

You can reset your Canon printer by following the steps below. Click Settings on your Canon device and press the arrow keys to the device settings. Then Click OK to close the window. Click OK, select Reset Settings, and then select Reset All from the drop-down menu. This completes the restart process. Press OK, then select yes.


The printer must be turned off. To turn on the light, press and hold RESUME after turning on the light. To release the resume button, press and hold the power button. The printer mechanism will be changed temporarily.

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