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Halloween is fast approaching and that means it’s time for you to plan your costume this year! I ensured that the Halloween costumes are affordable (AKA ideal for students like ours! ) Cute, adorable and easy to create yourself.

Halloween is sure to be like a different person this year due to the virus. Be sure to pick the perfect mask to match your costume for a complete appearance!

Most popular Halloween Costumes!


Isn’t it cool that this costume is so cute isn’t it? It’s a very simple and cute costume that can be recreated for a low cost! All you require is a beautiful cut-off top and skirt and a few beachy accessories.


Bunny’s are classic Halloween costumes! It’s a breeze to put together and always looks adorable!


Take your black dress and some adorable cat ears and you’re ready to go! The cat ears headbands listed below are gorgeous and sparkling!!


This costume is amazing. ReaThought’s adorable and is the perfect outfit for four as well as your friend!

I’m always on the lookout for costumes that allow me to wear fun makeup! Find some sparkling silver face glitter to finish this look.


Harry Potter fans anyone!? If you are, this is the style for you, and it’s so simple to replicate!!

 Angle & Devil

It’s always been my fan of these Halloween costumes! It’s adorable and simple to put together too. Make sure you don’t fight over who is the one.

Patrick & Spongebob

The costume may be less difficult to make however, with a bit of imagination you can pull it off and it’s a blast! It’s unique and adorable and that’s always a great thing!


Isn’t this outfit adorable! I love the outfits these girls are wearing in the photo above. The outfits are full of great accessories for cowgirls that make this costume so enjoyable to make!

Powerpuff Girls

I’m not sure anything concerning the Powerpuff girls, but this is a great costume for a group of friends of three!

Ski Girls

It’s such a simple and fashionable Halloween costume to put together! All you require is your favourite pair of leggings and a crop top, and a few cute winter-themed accessories!


This outfit is awesome and allows you to be so imaginative in your makeup!


A boxing costume is great for Halloween because it’s simple to make! All you require is your favourite sports bra, leggings or spandex, the perfect boxing robe and gloves!!

Victoria Secret Angels

This is a cute costume that’s fun to dress up with your roommate or a friend! It’s also very imaginative!

Bratz Dolls

This is such a fun and fun costume to put together! This is a fantastic costume for you and your partner to wear!

Snow White and 7 Dwarfs

Are you looking for a costume idea for yourself and a plethora of your friends? If yes, this costume is ideal! During freshman year in college, my roommates and I wore this costume, and it was a blast! I was a bit sleepy as I am a huge fan of naps.


The barbie college Halloween costume is such a cool and simple outfit for you to make! Get an adorable pink skirt and white crop top and you’re set! All you need is a few accessories for your barbie. 

Alvin along with The Chipmunks

This is an excellent costume for a group of friends that is just three! It’s very comfortable and stylish too!

Daphne as well as Velma ofScooby-Door

Daphne and Velma are the perfect pair and that’s why this is the ideal costume for Halloween. You as well as your best friend!


Halloween is sure to be like a different person this year due to the virus. Be sure to pick the perfect mask to match your costume for a complete appearance! I hope you enjoyed this article on the 17 top Halloween costumes for college girls’ best friends, girls, and couples to take a look at! 


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