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3 Incredible Road Trips From Calgary

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Calgary is Canada’s oil capital and Alberta’s largest city. Despite the huge amount of attractions and countless things to do, Calgary is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and interesting places one hour away. Road trips could diversify your journey and give more impressions, so we advise you to learn more information below and choose your destinations for a vacation. 

Do some preparation before you go

The first step in preparation is planning. You must be ready for accidents, such as bad weather conditions or some lags with GPS. Always check the weather predictions and bring a map as a plan B. Yes, it is old school, but you’d better be on the safe side. Make arrangements with your co-travels and decide what you should add to the first aid kit and who will take the wheel if you need it. 

Choose your transport 

Shipping your car to another country may be expensive and long-term. The second reason is that trip cars are different from daily vehicles, at least because they are adapted for long-term driving. Check out the minivan rental for a comfortable trip in a spacious vehicle with all facilities you need. Minivan rental at Calgary airport provides a wide range of advantages, including a valuable price and discounts system. 

Select location

There are three places, which you should attend if you are in Calgary. In fact, they are nice to recharge the battery and try something new. 

Bragg Creek

Image source: Flickr

A little picturesque thorp with a full pack of activities for everyone. If you want to try everything, you must spend at least two days. Prepare your camera for fantastic sceneries on hiking trails or explore them with a mountain bike. You also can get some adrenaline in playing paintball and after that, prepare a barbeque in a special place in the area.

Banff Gondola

In addition to the airwalk, there are a lot of opportunities to explore the Sulfur Mountain – rooftop deck and indoor interpretive center. Kids may be joined to explore with an interactive mobile game “Agent of Discovery”, making learning more amusing for them. For dinner, Canadian food in the Sky Bistro 7,486 feet in the air will expand your adventures. 

Lake Minnewanka

Image source: Flickr

Mountain and lake combo with a wildlife area around. Watching landscapes and animals is a good combo too. Just imagine that you see the full nature picture firsthand, not by TV or YouTube. Some bears or sheep in life could impress you even more than crystal water. Nevertheless, for more impressions, take a cruise to the Devil’s Gap. But if you want some calm activity, go over the Stewart trail. 

Go on a long drive

Take your list of weekend car trips for three hours drive or even more: 

  • Jasper, AB – 424 km; approximately 5h
  • Golden, BC – 275 km; 3h
  • Lake Louise, AB – 193 km; 2h
  • Edmonton, AB – 316 km; 3h

For drivers: make yourself ready for a long way

  • Plan your rest stops. You must stretch your legs every two hours, get out of the car, and get some fresh air.
  • Keep passengers entertained. Staying in a vehicle is stressful for adults and children. Bring to your salon some puzzles, toys, magazines, etc. Turn on the music or audiobooks. 
  • Stay hydrated and chew gum – increase your energy and be vigilant. 
  • Take regular healthy noshes instead of fast food, and they metabolize better.   

What food to take on a road trip 

Some fruits, seeds, eggs, and vegetables are keys to staying energetic. Protein bars and homemade snacks are simple, cheaper, and tasty. For example, cold pizza and chicken salad wrap for lunch and chia pudding for a grab. Kids’ favorites: pureed fruit packets and popcorn trail mix. Chocolate and cookies are welcome. 

Road trip packing mini list 

Sometimes little things leak out of our heads while we concentrate on general ones. But they are essential, and we need them at hand exactly, so your first must-have to avoid the small disappointments is a memo:

  • Neck sleep scarf
  • Powerbanks
  • Torch
  • Toilet roll
  • Day pack
  • Sunscreen and moisturizing lip balm
  • Mints
  • Flip flops
  • Driving license
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hiking shoes
  • Camping table and chairs

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Hi! I am John natish. I am a content writer and SEO expert. I love to write and share my content with my audience.

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