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5 Best Free Classified Advertising Sites In 2022

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Online classifieds can increase your business’s revenues by a significant amount. Each platform wants to make money from your marketing goals. This makes reaching large audiences difficult for those with small budgets.

If you already have a budget for search engine ads and social media, free advertising sites can help maximize your use of them.

While it may seem unusual to use free classified ads websites to promote your products or services, almost 50% of internet users used classified sites in 2015. This number has steadily increased over the years.

You can reach millions of people by using the right online advertising opportunities. Here’s a list of 5 Best Free Classified Advertising websites in 2022


Desifieds is one of the best classifieds websites in usa. They have everything from Local Service providers to Indian classifieds. Desifieds gives you an opportunity to promote your Business for Free. The number of active users on Desifieds is increasing every day. You can leverage this platform for your business before they start charging for Ads. Desifieds give your business great visibility in your local area.


Craigslist is the most visited classified website in America. It is also ranked among the top 30 most-visited websites. This platform offers a wide range of products and services, so you can sell almost any product or service. These categories include beauty services, computer parts, parking spaces, and auto parts.

Craigslist users are allowed to post ads every 48 hours for each geographic area. Nearly all products can be posted for free, except for cars and furniture, which may require a $5 fee. Posting ads for services will require you to pay a small fee, but you’ll have a full 30-day period to place your ads.

Craigslist offers the unique advantage of allowing you to place an advertisement to search for items. You will receive advertising free of charge, as well as equipment and office supplies to help you make more money.

Craigslist’s reputation has been tarnished by high-profile instances of illegal use of the site. If your ads aren’t spammy, your business will likely win loyal customers.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is not a free classified advertising site. However, thanks to Facebook Marketplace and shops, it has evolved into a platform that offers functions comparable to top classified ad sites.

800 million people use Facebook Marketplace every month. The platform has proven particularly effective in selling cars, real estate and furniture.


Geebo is a safe platform that counters Craigslist. It takes precautionary steps to make sure users are secure. Geebo will review your classified before it goes live.

Geebo’s advertising process will help you build trust in your brand, even though it may take longer for your ad on the site to appear. Your brand will be known by a new audience, regardless of whether you are selling services, equipment, or construction materials.

Geebo is a great place to find freelancers or employees in your local area. This free website aggregates job listings from several job sites. Skilled workers often use it to find job opportunities. Geebo also developed a tool that allows applicants to post their resumes to express their interest in a job.

Geebo has over 60,000 combined followers on social media, so you can share your product listing on their social media channels.


Oodle is a single platform that connects users with local listings from eBay and ForRent.com. It also allows them to search newspapers and other media. Oodle was the original marketplace tool for Facebook before it became Facebook Marketplace. This classified ad site is used by 15 million people each month in seven countries.

Oodle asks you to connect your Facebook account in order to safeguard users from fraudulent activity. After this, you will have access to all major categories, including Community, Vehicles and Rentals.

If you have upgraded to free advertising features, you can add a live hyperlink back to your site.


Local marketing efforts can be enhanced by free online marketing opportunities. Online free advertising sites are an effective way to market your business, despite the fact that newspaper classifieds may be on their way out.

You don’t need to spend a lot ofmoney on TV ads if the people you are targeting can find out about your product or services from a simple listing.


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