If you want to watch local Filipino shows or news, you can download an app on your mobile phone that can watch TV shows. With the app, you can watch the latest teleseryes, talk shows, variety shows, and news programs. It also has exclusive iWant shows. In addition, you can also watch hit movies and old shows.

Filipino Channel

The good news is that you can still watch Filipino TV shows and movies without any restrictions on your home country’s internet connection. The Philippine Channel, an online TV service provider based in California, offers a basic package that offers free access to most of the Philippines’ teleserye. However, the service only offers the most recent episodes of the shows, and does not offer binge-watching options or access to full seasons. It also does not offer sports or other specials. The service is available on most smart devices, and it is free to join.

Another option to watch Philippine TV shows is to use a VPN. This service can hide your location and make you look like you’re in another country, which means you can watch the shows you love without worrying about piracy or being tracked. VPNs also allow you to connect to a Philippines server, which will circumvent the geo-blocking process.


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to watch local television shows and movies, you’re not alone. The Philippines is home to many Filipino movies and television shows. But thanks to the Internet, there are ways to watch them outside of the country. You can try online streaming services like Amazon Video to watch Filipino movies and TV shows, and even buy movies to watch later. Alternatively, you can get a subscription to DISH, which has Pinoy shows and movies alongside English shows.

While DISH TV’s selection isn’t very large, it has an excellent DVR unit called the DISH Hopper 3. This unit records up to 16 programs at the same time, and it has a record capacity of 500 hours in HD. This means that you can catch all of your favorite Philippine shows later on. Similarly, DIRECTV, another popular satellite TV provider, has an app called “watch anywhere.” This app allows you to watch recorded programs from any location, and it is free.

GMA Pinoy

GMA Pinoy is a Philippine television network that has several programs and award-winning writers. Its primetime block features soap operas and adaptations of works by Carlo J. Caparas and Mars Ravelo, as well as original shows. The network’s evening newscast, known as GMA News, was awarded a bronze medal in the New York Television Festival.

If you’d like to watch GMA Pinoy on TV outside of the Philippines, there are a few different ways. The first is to download a VPN program and connect to a Philippine server. This will give you a Filipino IP address and enable you to unblock GMA Pinoy from any website. If you encounter any issues, simply clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Otherwise, contact your VPN’s customer support for assistance.

Lampara Network Channel

If you’re a TV lover, you might be wondering why you can’t watch the Lampara Network Channel in the Philippines. This kid-friendly channel uses bright colors and short stories to attract viewers. The shows also talk about Filipino beliefs and family life. There are no subtitles, but these videos are a great way to teach kids about Filipino culture.

Aside from telenovelas and movie premieres, this network also airs drama series and variety shows. Popular dramas are Onanay, Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko, Pepito Manaloto, and Studio 7. If you’re an anime fan, you can watch Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, which are popular in Thailand. The channel also carries news programs like Aksyon Prime and State of the Nation.

Apart from this if you live in Philippines and want to watch channels that are not accessible in Philippines then a VPN can help you out. Such as if you are accessing Hulu in Philippines a VPN can help you to get through the Hulu geo-restriction error and this is how you can enjoy your favorite shows in Philippines.

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