Everyone wants to start a blog. And when they decide to start, everyone starts looking for micro-niche ideas for the blog. Micro-niche research should be done as they are fundamental to the blog’s success. If you are looking for micro niche blog topics, read this blog carefully.

What is the micro niche? 

A micro niche is part of the macro niche. But how?. For example, health is a macro niche topic. And when we choose a little topic from the topic of health, it is called micro niche. Below are the micro niche blog topics we have selected from the macro niche topic (health).

  1. Chocolate-filled caramel health benefits
  2. Future health software
  3. Mental health matters sweatshirt 
  4. Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Health
  5. Contributory health service scheme
  6. Alevea mental health 
  7. Mason Covid health check

Micro Niche Ideas Of Technology 

  1. Smart Mobiles 
  2. Smarts Mobiles in the USA
  3. Smart Homes
  4. Best Budget Smart Phones
  5. Best Camera Phones

I hope you understand what a micro niche is. Let’s talk about micro-niche importance.

Micro Niche Importance

  1. In micro niche blog topics, getting an audience’s attention is easy for your blog.  
  2. You can increase your selles due to less competition.
  3. You can easily write on micro-niche topics.
  4. This helps you connect with a specific audience interested in your website, and Google considers it good because your audience will spend more time on your blog.
  5. Micro niches are more easily ranked on Google than macro niches.

Here are 5 International micro niche blog ideas

 1. Speakers Related Blog

Speakers related micro niche

Speakersmag.com is a micro-niche website. It publishes speakers-related content, which includes the best car speakers, best tv speakers, Bluetooth and for much more gadgets. We contacted the owner of this blog 3 months ago. He said he is generating 3000$/per month from Amazon only. He is also earning 500-1000 $ from Google AdSense. This means a small blog generating 4000$ /month. If a micro niche blog about speakers makes 4000$ /month, why don’t you? Create your speaker website and start earning too.

2. Quiz Related Apes

Quiz apps related micro niche blog topics ideas

In this niche, you can collect all the apps related to the quiz. We talk about a website in this category. Quizapes.com only publishes quiz-related articles. This blog admin is generating 1000$ /month from Google AdSense. This blog admin is not working hard; just publishing an article in 3,4 days. You can also do that.

3. Technology ( Windows, Linux, Ios, Android ) Related Information

micro niche blog topics ideas

We are showing you a website that covers these topics. It’s not a big deal. You can also start a blog related to these gadgets and generate income. Geniusgeeks.com earns 1200$ per month from Amazon. Also, it is generating 400-800$ / month from Google AdSense. It means it is admin generating 2000$ / month from this simple website. 

4. House Decoration-Related Blog

micro niche blog topics ideas

Smallhousedecor.com is a house decoration website. It provides information related to home decoration. This blog admin generates 1200-1600$ per month from Amazon. This blog admin also generates 500$+ per month from Google AdSense. It means this blog admin earns 2000$+ from this simple website. You can also start a website like this niche website. It’s not a big deal.

5. Family Camp Tents 

Family camp tent

What do you mean by family camp tent? It will be helpful for travellers when they travel to mountains or forest places. A small tent acts as a small house in these places. Yes, this is a micro-niche blog. Now you are thinking about this micro-niche income. Some people will say that it will not generate good income. My answer to those people would be no, you are wrong. You can earn a good monthly income from this micro-niche blog. You can earn a good income from Amazon while working on this micro niche blog.  You can provide family camp tents services to travellers and generate good revenue. You can provide family camp tent services to travellers and generate good income through this micro-niche. 

Familycamptents.com is a simple blog that works on this micro-niche. Most forum people buy these tents when going to the mountains, beach or jungles at the weekend. Admin of this blog generating 1860$ per month through Amazon.


Micro niche blogs are perfect for small businesses. They can easily rank on Google. Micro niche websites easily grab the attention of the audience. These websites generate better income than normal websites. These micro-niche websites require less energy than normal websites because your work just on one topic, and you can write good articles in less time.


1. What are examples of micro niche blog topics?

Let’s start by explaining what we mean by micro-niche blog topics. A micro-niche blog focuses on a specific and narrow topic. Instead of a general topic like ‘health’, a micro-niche blog might cover ‘keto diet for diabetes‘.

Technology is a macro niche, but when we talk about specific topics like the best speakers for cars or best camera mobile phones, they are called the micro niche blog.

2. How to find micro-niche blog ideas?

Finding micro-niche ideas involves research, creativity and intuition. Your niche should ideally be something you are interested in and know about. Google Trends, keyword research tools, and online forums can provide insight into what people are currently interested in and what’s lacking in the blogosphere.

It is also important to assess market needs. What problems is your audience facing? How can your blog solve them? For example, if you see many people asking about ways to live sustainably in cold weather, this might be the place for you.

3. Micro Niche Marketing Examples

Micro niche marketing is a strategy that targets a particular segment of a niche market. By narrowing down a niche, businesses can cater to customers with highly specific needs and preferences.

Examples of micro niche marketing include businesses that sell handmade soaps for sensitive skin or offer personalized online coaching for marathon runners.

 Or selling small family camp tents to travellers because they need them in the woods, on the beach or on the mountains.

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