It’s natural not to remember some of the worst logos you’ve encountered. This is because they lack creativity and uniqueness. 

Fact: unique and creative logos are unforgettable compared to bad logos.  

And this explains why designing a logo differs from creating other branding materials. The truth is web banners, advertisements, and social media postings have specific goals different from the logo. The logo’s primary concern is to remain at the top of people’s minds. 

After carefully establishing your brand, you’ll need an aesthetically pleasing logo to act as the face of your brand. This is because 75% of people recognize brands through their logos. 

Besides, logos act as your foot soldiers. It will be present everywhere consumers connect with your brand, this includes:

  • In-store signage
  • Website
  • Your products
  • Social media
  • Your marketing materials, etc. 

This article will offer suggestions to ease your logo design process, the best free logo makers that you can leverage, developing your idea from your story to color selection to polishing the final logo. 

1. Start by Defining Your Brand Identity

This may sound so vain, but you start a business to make money. And you stand to run a successful business if you can sell yourself and your goods. 

Most marketers today will tell you that storytelling acts like marketing DNA. Consumers relate to stories more strongly than the features of your products.

So how do you interpret this information? Your logo will become memorable if it has some sort of narrative. Reflect on the history of your business before starting to design the logo. 

Instead of seeing an apple on Apple’s products, we picture the bite on the apple. We try to imagine the meaning of the “byte”.

Besides, your products and services let the consumer understand why you’re doing it. The why is very significant to your story. And you can portray it through the logo’s color, typeface, and shape. Also, the best free logo designs can give you insights on how to create logos that relate to your brand story. 

2. Borrow Design Inspiration From Great Brands

Most people struggle with getting started when working on any creative project. Having an idea helps you to get started, but be careful not to consume 1000 ideas at once. 

A gazillion of ideas only paralyzes your creative juices. This is because you will waste a lot of time overanalyzing these ideas instead of choosing one idea. 

To be successful, you need to avoid the idea that you have to create something from scratch. You are still creative if you borrow ideas from other creators.

You can stimulate your mind by borrowing an idea from some of the best free logo makers. Some sites can offer incredible insights on creating engaging logos for a brand. Also, the ideas and designs are so valuable they can convey the brand’s message effortlessly. 

Besides, you can also approach the design process like a puzzle. Once you have the logo idea in mind and the right inspiration, what’s remaining is to put the parts together following accepted design rules. 

Gaining inspiration from other logo creators allows you to be fluent in the logo’s language. Study and grasp the concepts of what made your favorite logos unforgettable to you. Then transfer that knowledge into your creative process. 

3. Keep it Minimal

Logo Design

Fact: some people lack the innate artistic ability to create a hand-drawn sketch on a whim. Being a designer doesn’t automatically make you a fantastic illustrator. But this shouldn’t make you lose sleep. You can still be an excellent logo designer. 

When you’re struggling to develop a creative logo idea, remember this, keep things minimal. Minimalistic logos are usually effective and practical. Besides, they have proven to withstand the test of time. 

If you’re struggling with creativity, you can use the best free logo makers for free to borrow some of their minimalistic ideas. This may clarify how to be effective with a minimalistic logo.  

For instance, the Nike swoosh logo is so simple yet effective. The swoosh gives the logo a unique personality and deepens its meaning. What comes to mind when you think of swoosh? Speed right? 

The two lines that make Nike’s logo may be simple, but they’re so effective to the brand. The logo is a no-brainer. It doesn’t need an introduction, as it is instantly recognizable. 

So ensure you go above and beyond to transform your uninspiring logos into recognizable brand marks. 

4. Choose Versatile Colors and Fonts

If you’re unaware, color has a significant visual impact. Very few appreciate this fact. Research shows that color is so powerful that it can positively or negatively impact a consumer’s buying decision. 

Your brand logo colors are significant as they will appear on all platforms users interact with your brand. The colors define your website’s appearance, social media feeds, graphics, in-store signage, and marketing emails. 

You can’t say one color is better than the other. But the truth is each color conveys a different message. So when selecting colors for your logo, ensure the messaging it tells is appropriate. Here are a few colors with the messaging they convey:

  • Orange: often, people associate it with passion, energy, and warmth. 
  • Blue: Most times, people like to associate with peace, calmness, ease, and trust. 
  • Red: this is quite a bold color. It conveys romance in the most passionate, loud way. 
  • Purple: This represents royalty, wealth, magic, and luxury. 

Most brands tend to gravitate towards one color. One color helps to simplify other visual design aspects of your brand. Besides, it makes it simple and easy to harmonize with different brand materials. Moreover,  you can reimagine mono colors in various color schemes. 

However, you’re not restricted to using one color for your logos. You can get creative and fusion different colors provided they convey your brand’s message. Slack, Microsoft, Google, etc., are some brands that combine color well in their logos.

Go ye, and be creative with colors. 

5. Make it Scalable

Logo Design

A logo acts as your foot soldiers. So it needs to represent your brand across many media. It should fit nicely on magazines, billboards, websites, social media pages, business sites, etc.

In short, it should be able to scale with your company. You can scale down a scalable logo to fit on a small screen or blow it up on a giant billboard. 

So if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a designer, ensure you choose the best free logo designs. 

Your logo won’t lose its clarity, whether blown up or scaled down. Every element of the logo should be crisp, visible, and readable. 


Still with us? Great! For your brand to be memorable, then your brand logo should be strong and compelling. 

Creating a great logo requires creativity and dedication, as the process can be tedious. However, this process is worthwhile as a logo acts as the face of your brand. 

You can borrow inspiration from other logos or the best free logo maker sites. Don’t be afraid. Most brands start modestly.  

It can be challenging at first to create a visually appealing logo. But these tips give you a better grasp on where to start and where to borrow inspiration for unique logo ideas. So, cheers to making a memorable logo for your brand.

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