The covid pandemic has pushed many sectors to the health ATM kiosk solutions. To comply with the government advice and the social distancing rules, many fields are required to opt for the automated option.

In the sense of business, the clinics on cloud kiosk solutions help to cut down the long queues, provide fast services, and improve the privacy level. The kiosk industry is projected to extend the compound annual growth. With the growth in the industry, kiosk solutions are developed and used by most of the population.

In this article, we are going to tell you the five types of kiosks that you must know in 2022. Keep reading the complete article to find the different types of kiosks that will help to improve the services.

1. Temperature kiosks

A temperature health ATM kiosk consists of an infrared camera that records the temperatures by scanning the users. If a high temperature is observed in the user, then the kiosks will notify the user. There are some temperature scanners that have access to the linked door and allow the user to block the entry and provide a high reading.

These kiosks also prevent the infected people from entering the workspace and add an extra protection layer from diseases. They can also verify the vaccination status of visitors and employees.

2. Self-service kiosks

A self-service health ATM kiosk is a type of kiosk system that permits users to interact directly with the company without waiting for requirements. They are used for different purposes and provide a rapid payment system.

The intention of these kiosks is to speed up the payment process and reduce the size of queues. Using the kiosk system, you can approach screens and complete the payment process.

3. Information kiosks

Information kiosks are systems that offer information to users. All the information obtained by these kiosks is clear and digestible. Also, the information using this kiosk is easy to understand by the users.

4. Internet kiosks

The internet kiosks are used in the reception area or the public waiting areas that process the internet access to the users. For the charges, the users can browse the web for some time at one of these terminals. Once the time is expired, that is set by the system, and the user will have to pay the additional fee to get continued access.

Your system will notify you if any hardware or software issues are detected through internet access. A maintenance technician can be notified when any problems are detected by this kiosk.

5. Advertising standing displays

Advertising standing displays are versatile. Using this kiosks system, you can easily create the advertising content and schedule the things that appear on the kiosks system screen. It also has the feature of using QR codes with customer scanning.

6. Wayfinding kiosks

The aim of using the wayfinding kiosks is to help the user that is located where they need to get the desired directions. It could be possible by giving the 2d map that highlights the current location.

The users of these kiosks use them to navigate large spaces in shopping centers.


The health ATM kiosk industry is developing day by day. Customers really want to get automated services, and this is the reason why kiosk solutions are developing at a rapid pace. Kiosks help to reduce waiting times and speed up the payment and the check-in process.

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