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6 Things to Prepare Before a House Demolition

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Are you thinking of demolishing your old property? Though the thought of dismantling the old and creating new architecture is exciting, not all homeowners know much about the pre-demolition formalities. 

No, looking out for the best demolition contractors will not suffice as they will present you with a document of pre-requisites to comply with before initiating the process. 

If you wish to demolish your house, here is an easy guide to help you gather the necessary documents. Ensure to compile all these before reaching for the best demolition contractors.

Verify the title of the property

Before venturing to get the required permits, get hold of the title certificate. It is proof of ownership and a detailed description of your land. If you cannot get the same, reach for Landata. They shall provide you with the required papers. 

Once you have the title, now it’s time to venture for various permits from the local council.

Obtain all the necessary permits 

Before approaching the Melbourne house demolition contractors to rip your house, obtain all the requisite permits. It shall help you carry out a hassle-free process. Here is the detail of the required licenses-

Demolition Permit

Reach your local council for the demolition permit, also called the consent form. It ensures you have the permission to demolish the said property. In most cases, the local councils release a consent form. Though they may deny it on the following grounds-

  • If your property is a heritage-listed site
  • If your house portrays historical or cultural importance
  • If the house is in Pre-1911 building overlay
  • If your house is a registered boarding house
  • If your house is assessable under the neighbourhood plan

If your property falls under one or more of the above categories, the local council shall help with the subsequent procedures. Otherwise, you shall quickly receive a consent form or the Section 29A form that allows building destruction.

Asset Protection Permit

An asset protection permit is also a requirement to commence the demolition. It is necessary to protect council property such as footpaths, kerb, channels, trees, pits etc., from damage. It ensures the transportation of equipment and machinery doesn’t damage these properties. To acquire the same, you shall approach the local council, and they will provide directives to conduct demolition without damaging property.

Tree Removal Permit

If trees are on the block and you require them to be removed, ask for a permit from the local council. They may have regulations about cutting the tree. The chances of permission will depend on the type and size of the tree, and it’s a lengthy process. So, we advise reaching the local council well in advance for the permit.

Disconnect all the Essential Services

For safety reasons, removing all the essential services from the property is vital. Only the legal owner possesses the right to the same. Hence, you will approach the respective service provider not just to disconnect but abolish the services before demolition. It is to be noted that water connection is a health and safety requirement, and it’s needed during the demolition. Hence, one must not disconnect it.


Reach out to your gas provider to abolish the services removing the gas meter at your property.


Request your electricity provider to disconnect and abolish the meter from the property before demolition.

Check for Asbestos on the Property

Asbestos has no known safety levels. There are fibres in it that can be life-threatening. Hence let the professionals handle the removal of asbestos. Though its usage is banned now, almost every house built prior to 1993 has asbestos. At your home, you can check for the same in the following areas-

  • Fibre cement cladding
  • Artificial brick cladding
  • Roof Tiles
  • Texture Paint
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Asbestos cement pipes
  • Switchboard linings
  • Acoustic Walls
  • Beams
  • Corrugated cement roofs

If you suspect the presence of asbestos, inform the demolition contractors. They can professionally remove it from your site without causing damage.

Set up temporary fencing

To ensure the safety of your property, it’s necessary that the owner sets up temporary fencing before proceeding with the demolition. For Melbourne house demolition, setting a fence is a requirement from the local council.

Take the documents to Residential Demolition Contractors

Once you have all the aforesaid documents, reach for the demolition contractors. Pass over all the permits to them and inform them regarding the abolishment of services. Once they have all the paperwork, it’s easier to commence the demolition process.

If you are seeking a trustworthy residential demolition company to bring down a property, connect with the Merhi Group. We have more than 20 years of experience in the demolition industry and are experts in residential and commercial demolition. We shall ensure that the demolition happens efficiently and in a legally compliant manner.

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