Tradeshows are always highly contested business events. Since most tradeshows are industry specific, you get a lot of competition from similar brands. The Inside Track offers quality tradeshow flooring and display options page. The best way to attract attention is to make your booth stand out. So, the booths with best layout will always be the most attractive. Among tradeshow booth goals, attracting maximum attention should always be right at the top.

The basic purpose is to sell more products or services to visitors and boost your brand identity. So, managers and event planners need to prepare their booths in the best way possible. Also, modern tech devices have been known to provide best tradeshow booth functionality. When done right, tech device ideas can help attract attention for your booth making it stand out from the rest.

1: Highlight Your New Website or App with Giant Smartphone Display

Many businesses including ecommerce and service sectors will offer customers a website or an app. Some offer both platforms to make purchases and bookings. So, if your business does offer a website or an app, the best way to show it off is using a giant smartphone display.

Get tech rental service from a quality service provider. They will offer optimized giant smartphone displays just for the requirement. These giant screens can either mirror the display of your smartphone or have their own independent display. Either way, your task can be well achieved with this one.

2: Offer a Game Show with Displays and Screens with Prizes

Usually, tradeshow booth managers that take a unique approach fare well. One such idea is to offer a game show experience for your visitors. It is both exciting and very inviting for people on that exhibition floor. Using large touch displays, organizing game shows is pretty easy and very productive.

So, what you can do is to offer a game show at the main side of your tradeshow booth. Offer prizes like some discount coupons or even some gift cards for your own product lines. This will encourage people to purchase from you right on the spot too.

Game shows attract maximum attention on public events. Make sure to boost that excitement factor and get maximum response from all the audience members on your event floor.

3: Use Augmented Reality to Demo Products and New Launches

Lot of tradeshow booths introduce new products and industry breakthroughs. Augmented Reality, AR combines real world experience with tech displays. The best part is that AR is now available on devices like iPads, laptops and many other types of displays with great effect.

So, if you have a car app or a product, show it off through AR on iPads and laptops. iPad Hire from your local tech rental company and develop the AR platform required or go with laptops. AR has the ability to showcase different features of many products and services in the most attractive way.

4: Catch Attention with Digital Branding Displays and LED Video Wall

Branding is always of great importance for all public events. Tradeshows and exhibitions need special treatment for branding. Digital branding displays and full LED video walls can help with branding. These provide the chance for dynamic content display to attract more attention on your booth.

Branding display are available from tech rental solution providers as well. Also, using large LED video walls inside the booth is a great idea to present content more attractively. Use the branding displays to highlight special discount offers available on the event as well to make your booth stand out most.

5: Offer Photobooths with Social Media Instant Connectivity

Photobooths have never failed to gain attention from any crowd. People like taking fun pictures of themselves along with their friends. Depending on the nature of your tradeshow and the business industry, photobooths can be the perfect options. iPads have the hardware for this usage requirement.

Also, make your iPads available for social media sharing. Allow visitors the chance to share their taken pictures quickly on their social media feeds. This will get talked about a lot on that tradeshow floor and will invite new visitors to have a go with the photobooth too. Also, groups of people would want to visit.

6: Provide a Charging Stations for Visitors Free of Cost

Charging stations are the need of the hour for many people. You need to understand the fact that tech influencers always travel to tradeshows with their big devices. These will include big cameras, laptops and iPads for processing and sharing what they see online.

So, if your tradeshow booth can offer a charging station, it will be very helpful for everyone. People will want to charge their devices when in a low battery situation. Use the time they spend on your booth charging up their devices to quickly sell and impress them what you have to offer.

7: Launch New Products or Share New Ideas Through Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is one of the best platforms when it comes to sharing presentations and content. When done right, your VR presentations can be come the hottest selling platforms. Also, VR rental devices are also available at affordable rental prices for any requirements.

Make sure to check out the VR option. It is still one of the most attractive tech platforms going around. Get more people coming to your tradeshow booth with all these modern tech ideas. Sell more and get the best brand boost with a tradeshow event happening close to you.

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