Are you wondering if pre-roll packaging makes any difference in business growth? Well, the simple answer is yes, it does. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about unique and interesting pre-roll packaging. Numerous experienced and newbie brands have started adopting distinctive and convenient pre roll boxes designs to attract their target audience.

Indeed, any marketing strategy that helps you gain a huge customer base is worth trying. And premium quality pre-roll packaging is one of the easiest, surest, and most successful ways to attract your target audience.

However, blindly following the market trend will not win a boost in your business. Rather, you must follow some effective tips and tricks to design attractive pre-roll packaging. 

Check out the best tips to grow your business with pre-roll packaging.

  1. Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Research the target audience you are designing the packaging for. Generally, adults are the primary cannabis users; thus, your packaging style must be per their interests and preferences. Thus, do a little research about your target audience to design meaningful and successful packaging.

After research, compile the complete data in a chart and check which points you must consider while choosing the packaging’s color, design, material, or design. Additionally, skim through the packaging styles and designs of the competing brands as well.

Check out what kinds of packaging styles are proving to be the most successful and what is not that fruitful. However, avoid copying the competitor’s marketing or packaging ideas; first, it is unlawful, and second, copying will tarnish your unique identity. Just take inspiration from the successful packaging styles in the market and create your perfect one.

  1. Use Sturdy and Eco-Friendly Packaging Material

The pre-roll packaging must fulfill its primary function, i.e., keeping the pre-roll products safe during the shipment process and in the customer’s hands. Hence, it is essential to use premium, strong and sturdy packaging material. Moreover, modern cannabis users are tilting towards the pre-rolls that come in biodegradable packaging.

Biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging helps reduce your carbon footprint, safeguard non-renewable energy resources, and overall decrease pollution. The biodegradable materials get decomposed by microorganisms and do not disintegrate into non-toxic elements.

Contrarily, non-biodegradable materials such as plastics take thousands of years to degrade, thus causing massive pollution. The modern cannabis user understands the significance of saving the earth and prefers buying biodegradable pre-roll packaging. Therefore, it is wise to use sturdy and eco-friendly pre-roll packaging material.

  1. Use Creative and Fascinating Graphics

The aesthetic appeal of the pre-roll packaging is essential to get your product noticed. Indeed, the pre-roll pile is overcrowded at any store offline or online. Such an overwhelming range of cannabis brands allows customers to choose the one with great quality from the inside out. Generally, people go with the product that is easy on the eyes and then check its specifications. Therefore, any brand must attract customers’ attention with enticing packaging.

No matter how great your product quality is, if the pre-roll packaging is not good enough to grab the customer’s attention, the product quality is of no use. Hence, we advise you to be creative while designing graphics to print on the packaging.

  1. Attract Customers With Enticing Topography

In addition to focusing on the design and graphics of the pre-roll packaging, be mindful of its topography. Avoid using simple and boring font styles and opt for something unique and out of the box. Remember that your primary goal is to make your product distinguish from the lot. And using a distinctive font style can help you achieve that goal.

  1. Offer Convenience and Ease to Your Customers

Design the pre-roll packaging box, tube, container, or pouch to offer maximum ease and convenience to the user. For instance, use pre-roll boxes with sliders and separators. The separators will keep the unused and half-smoked separated, whereas sliders will make the opening mechanism easy.

Additionally, introduce child-resistant packaging per local rules and regulations. The pre-roll joint is not a kid’s product; hence the design and printing should not attract children. For instance, use pop-top pre-roll tubes with a difficult opening mechanism and require a little force to open up.

Most people with children prefer buying child-resistant pre-roll packs thus to avoid any harmful incidents. Thus, you can increase your sales by offering people a useful and convenient packaging option.

  1. Exhibit Your Brand’s Unique Identity

Use pre-roll packaging to exhibit how unique and different your brand is from other competing brands in the market. Impressive pre-roll packaging designs make their mark in the consumer’s mind, and they will remember you the next time they shop pre-rolls. You can use various strategies to make your packaging exclusive.

For instance, create an attractive brand logo, use a different font style, add a special symbol, or use a stylish shiny packaging add-on. Adding a personal touch makes your product relatable, and people love purchasing from a brand with which they can connect at some level.

  1. Pick the Same Packaging Themes for All Products

Choose a subtle and soothing packaging theme and make it your products’ signature look. However, pick different colors for each product type. Modern cannabis users is not a fan of flashy and over-the-top advertising tactics. Else, the customers prefer sophisticated and easy-on-the-eyes packaging. So, go with a simple yet stunning packaging theme.

In Conclusion

Pre-roll packaging is an excellent way to have an impactful presence in the overcrowded cannabis market. A perfectly presented product has a higher chance of grabbing customers’ attention than a dull one.

Regardless of the premium quality of your pre-roll joint, if the packaging is not appealing enough, it will stay on the shelf. On the other hand, quality pre-roll presented in premium packaging can easily attract eyes. But, the key is to design the pre-roll packaging correctly.

Follow the tips mentioned above and tricks to design enticing and attractive pre-roll packaging and increase your business growth.

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