Since mobile phones are a popular trend, some technicians have been working since the invention of this device. Whatever the problem, consumers should take their devices to a reputable phone repair shop in Ottawa to get them resolved. After so many years, the technicians have become experts and professionals. Anyone, no matter how knowledgeable, can make a mistake. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of typical and readily avoidable mistakes made by cell phone repair technicians.


1) Failure to repair in the estimated time 

It is a major issue for the majority of technicians. There could be various causes for the delay. It could be due to a lapse in troubleshooting. 

Sometimes the defect in the phone is difficult to discover, and it may take a long time to repair. Another possibility of the delay is a lack of spare parts. However, tardiness due to boredom is a no. Restoring the phone and finishing the job on time sends a powerful statement to clients about how precise and punctual you are.

2) Not cleaning the device

It is one of the most common device errors that inexperienced phone repair service providers make. While disassembling the phone for repairs, they only cleaned it properly after reassembling it. As a result, the inner circuits are more likely to fail, destroying your phone repair expenditure.

3) Failure to backup data

While it is your fault for failing to fully back up all the information on the phone before handing it over to the specialist, it is also the responsibility of any professional that performs phone repairs. It will ensure that if an issue occurs, regardless of how unlikely it may be, you will have backup and will not risk losing them.

4) Not inquiring about the device problem

Many technicians must ask the consumer why it is submitted for repair. Instead, if you question the consumer about the problem, you will immediately know what it is and can begin working on it, saving you valuable time. Please ask the consumer about the handset’s history and whether he had previously given it to someone else for repairs for this or another defect. In this manner, you’ll know whether or not the handset has already been opened.

5) Not repairing the cracked screen.

Many people are putting off replacing cracked iPhone and Android phone displays because they believe the problem is less serious than it appears. 

Although your smartphone will function with a broken screen, it will only allow undesired components to enter the device, which will be detrimental to its performance. In this case, you should take the smartphone to an authorized iPhone screen replacement retailer. 

After that, please make certain that the broken screen is replaced with its actual counterpart, not a clone. As you can see, you need to be careful to avoid making these mistakes when taking your phone to be repaired in Ottawa.

6) Profiting the most from a single consumer.

A consumer enters your phone repair store in Ottawa. Is this a customer I can make $200 on instead of $100? If it describes you, you need to be on the right track. You want to charge a customer sparingly. Rather, you want to trust him with the standard rate to turn him into a regular customer. Because if you overcharge a customer, they are unlikely to return to you. Focus on attracting more clients rather than maintaining high-profit margins.

7) Not fixing all screws

Some technicians are negligent when disassembling a mobile phone; place the screws on the workstation. The simplest approach to avoid this common error is to keep all screws and small pieces in a compact tray. Using separate trays for different kinds of opened handsets will also allow you to deconstruct a large number of handsets at the same time.

8) Not adhering to safety regulations

The basic safety rules for phone repair service can avoid damaging the handset or harming oneself while working. Follow the instructions below and witness the sea of change it brings to your regular business.

  • A Clean Workplace
  • Use the proper tools.
  • ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Protection
  • Place all little parts in a tray.
  • Take special care of the fragile parts.
  • When using heating equipment, use caution.
  • Take care of the customer’s data.


As you can see, you must be careful to avoid making these mistakes when taking your iPhone or Android phone in for repairs. You will undoubtedly become people’s favorite technician by avoiding these blunders. 

You can gain the customer’s trust and confidence. If you live in or near Ottawa, the best name to call is Mobile Doctor, where the most reliable and experienced technicians can provide warranty phone repair in Ottawa.

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