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9 Simple Tips for Better Virtual Meeting Minutes

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Employees may find it hard to create meeting minutes. But actually, it is easy to develop such drafts. All you need is to focus on the meeting and jot down all the essential pointers. Moreover, you need to share it via email in the proper format after the meeting. 

Are you curious to make a better MOM? Here are all the tips shared by the virtual meeting platform that can be beneficial to developing a draft of the best meeting minutes.

Jot Down All the Pointers While You Still Remember


During the virtual meeting, you must stay ready to note the pointers. You can use pen paper or your device to note down all the pointers. Moreover, if you find it difficult to note down at that time, you must keep the focus on the meeting discussion. 

You can develop meeting minutes after the meeting as well. As soon as you leave the virtual meeting platform, start writing all the pointers you still remember. Do not worry about the series while writing. Make it in sequence when you complete writing. Also, you can discuss and share the points with your teammates or managers to add on some pointers.

Put Action Review at the Start of the Minutes


It is vital to know and include all the required efforts noted at the last meeting. You can make a list of actions from the last minute. Then write a summary of their progress against them. Moreover, you have to place this information at the start of your MOM.

You do not have to mention the completed task in the MOM. Instead, you can add a line reflecting all the other completed tasks and do not require any further actions. Hence, they are no longer relevant. You can use the tabular format as it works the best in the corporate industry.

Jot Down New Actions and Who Will Do Them

Action review means highlighting the speakers and experts of the virtual meeting in a separate block. You already have an agenda panel in your virtual meeting platform that indicates all the sessions and topics with the person who will lead them. So, you just have to formulate a separate column for these people sharing their roles in the meeting.

Moreover, you have to maintain the flow of your MOM, which is an essential aspect for minutes. So, keep every pointer in proper flow. Also, you can provide the action summary at the end of the MOM.

Include the Names of the People


You may have invited a lot of attendees to attend the virtual meeting on the decision agenda. But it is crucial to check and include how many employees turned up to your conference. Moreover, you need to add the names of the attendees who were present at the meeting. 

Also, you can share the list of attendees who sent their apologies for not attending the meeting at the last minute. It will help the managers & seniors to know who was there and who was not.

Click Photos & Screenshots to Include in MOM


As per the best virtual event platform experts, you must include all the shared or used infographics and images during the virtual meeting in your meeting minutes. Moreover, you must share proper links to the documents, screenshots, or embedded files in the MOM. 

Also, take screenshots or photos of the content written on the whiteboard. You can include them in MOM as well. However, the photographs can be much more helpful than explaining in words what was on the board and more. Hence, you must click photos and include them in your MOM for more convenience.

Use a Standard Template for Minutes


Your company must have a MOM template that everyone must be following for meeting minutes. Ask your manager for it and fill in the content as per the format. But if your company does not have a MOM template, you can use the standard minutes of meeting template.

Also, you can make up a meeting minutes template or ask your PMO for the procedure they follow or want you to follow. As per the best virtual meeting platform experts, you can save your time by using the standard minutes of meeting template. Additionally, the other employees will become habitual to reading and creating MOM in the same template as you.

Confirm the Document Decisions


As per the webinar services experts, it can be helpful to use meeting minutes for your future decisions. You can use all the pointers to make sure that you accomplish every project before the next meeting. Moreover, you must note the acceptance, rejections, and changes required to fulfil a task to use in the next meeting and minutes. 

Also, you should note the decisions made during the meeting to include in your MOM. You have to mention all the actions, dos, and don’ts shared in the meeting minutes. It will help everyone remember why any task is done in a significant way.

Use the Tabular Format For Minutes


As per the best virtual meeting platform experts, you can follow the tabular format for minutes as it can be helpful to show every point clearly. Moreover, you can start with the item number, discussion summary, and action owner to maintain a better format. This way, all the attendees can know their tasks by looking at the right-hand column using the initials. 

Also, you should choose a format that works for your meeting agenda well. This format is valid if you record lots of actions. Additionally, you can use the simple word processing format. But you require remembering to use the proper headings and subheadings to highlight every area of discussion.

Send Minutes Out Quickly

As per the best virtual meeting platform experts, you need to send the minutes within the 2-3 days of the meeting. It will be helpful to guide what they require to work on and complete until the next meeting.

Also, you need to send the MOM to the attendees who were absent at the meeting. It will help them to know they missed.

So, these are the various tips that can be helpful to write better virtual meeting minutes. You can use these tricks to impress your manager and develop the best MOM. I hope, you will find this article beneficial to draft the best MOM for your virtual meeting in 2022.

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