Without a doubt, Digimon model kits remain outstanding among other competitive designs, such as those from Pokémon or monster rancher. But what makes them unique is their peculiar designs and the evolution they have experienced over the last few years. Compared to others, model kits are less uncanny, which makes them easy and better for starters. Additionally, it blends some form of mature design sense and humor, making them ideal for persons of all ages.  Furthermore, various types and classes of Digimon model kits range from feral to angelic, giving you an array of options.  

Just like any developing project, since its conception, Digimon has gone through a progressive evolution. There have been a series of Digimon franchises that have been invented with advanced features. Digimon model kits started as dinosaur-themed Tamagotchi, which mainly targeted young boys. However, there was a change in the name to Digital Monster, shortened to Digimon, which marked a significant shift in the model.   

Let’s look at what you should know about Digimon model kits.  

1. Wargreymon  

One of the most incredible evolutions of the Digimon model kit is the invention of Wargreymon designs. The kits set some significant standards representing the model philosophy. The Wargreymon designs are the best kits you can consider for your games. This is because they are strong, stable, and balanced during attacks and defense. Wargreymon Digimon model kits represent some forms of creativity that boost your enjoyment and give you an irresistible feeling of fulfillment.  

2. Piedmon  

The Piedmon Digimon model kit is a remarkable and memorable kit among the many models in the franchise. It resembles a clown fitted with dazzling costumes and lanky proportions. The strengths of Piedmon Digimon are of no equal and can give you the best experience when it comes to all your gaming. This model kit’s features distinguish it from other models, such as Pokémon’s Mime. Piedmon is fearless and dangerous when playing war games and comes with four swords, magical abilities, armies, and deception.   

3. Tentomon 

Tentomon is an original Digi-destined Digimon model kit. This kit has some sharp and rough edges, while the antennae are long and unkempt. Additionally, the body comes with a protective hard exoskeleton. All the evolutions and subsequent advancements of Tentomon model kits help to amplify the existing traits found in the design.    

4. Antylamon 

Antylamon Digimon model kits come with unique and remarkable characters. The first thing you will note about this model is the odd proportions and blending of innocence and some monstrous characters, making the kit visually attractive and compelling. Amazingly, with this kit, you can easily swap sides from good to evil and vice versa.  

5. Megidramon 

Unlike other model kits, which have a sleek design, Megidramon remains unique as it is created from a fusion of the original Digimon and other design motifs. Most users and Digimon enthusiasts describe these model kits as extremely dangerous due to their sharp design, including claws, sharp teeth, blades, and facial protrusions. With this model kit, you enjoy attacking and defending and will be more intimidating to your attackers.  

6. Wizardmon  

Wizardmon has a humanoid shape integrated with some fantastic features which are magical. With this model kit, you turn out to be fearless and uncontrollable, which makes it distinctive from other models. Though there are other fearsome model kits, such as Gyarados, they still don’t have such a threatening aura as Wizardmon. Furthermore, it is created from a completely different digital model.   

7. Angemon  

Angemon is the commonly known Digimon model kit. The model was designed by evolving the Patamon model, giving it humanoid features such as a large head, telltale staff, and wings. This model can be categorized as an angelic and demonic design. Additionally, the model kit connects you with its character sincerely and strongly. 

8. Bakemon  

The Bakemon Digimon kit is unique in its appearance due to its cute and scary look. This makes it one of the best model kits you can use.  The expressive eyes and round shape design give it an attractive and angelic look that doesn’t suggest any danger. However, the ripped-up edges and jagged teeth make it more frightening and fiercer. The Bakemon model was created based on the Japanese mythological model known as Yokai.  

9. Beelzemon  

Beelzemon is another model you ought to know. With a combination of lethality, unyielding ambition, and specific fashion choices, the Beelzemon model is unique and attractive. Most users categorize it as one of “the seven great demon lords,” representing the sin of gluttony and Venus. It comes with an aggressive personality with some blend of pride, making it a weird but outstanding model.  


Digimon model kits are slowly but aggressively dominating the gaming and movies industry. Several television series and films have featured the model kits, such as the adventure, which began as a short film but was later adopted as a television film. Other television films that have featured Digimon kits include; Digimon Ghost Game, Digimon fusion, and Digimon Data Squad.   

Though the author initially targeted young boys, the various advancement and improvements in features have made these models ideal for everyone. Additionally, the Digi-evolution of model kits has led to the creation of cute, compelling, but fierce kits. As the Digi-evolution continues, we will likely get the latest version of a Digimon model kit.  

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