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A Guide to Sending I Have a Buyer for Your Home Letters

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As a real estate agent, you likely Letters have some clients who have sought you out and others whom you have found. One way to build your client base is to send out letters indicating that you have buyers for people’s homes. This strategy can be effective if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Understanding I-have-a-buyer Letters

This type of letter is sent directly to the mailboxes of prospective clients. Typically, the letters are sent through traditional mail as opposed to email. A message of this nature sent through email might quickly end up in the trash.

In the letter, you should clearly indicate to the recipients that you have buyers interested in purchasing properties in the area. If there has been a direct request for the specific address to which you’re sending the letter, include that information. However, the approach can be more general.

Selecting a Real Estate Farm

Before you send out these I have a buyer for your home letters, you need to make sure that you have buyers who are serious about buying houses in your target community.

Then, conduct analytics to see what the turnover rate is in those communities. Knowing what percentage of houses have sold in the past two years can give you a strong sense of what neighborhoods to target with your letter campaign.

Have Buyers

Before you send these letters, you need to make sure that you have buyers who are actually interested in purchasing houses in your target community. You cannot simply send out letters claiming that you do. Such a move is an unethical business practice.

Furthermore, you will appear suspicious if interested parties reach out and you have to tell them that there are no buyers available. This type of situation could lead to letter recipients leaving poor reviews of your real estate practice online.

Consider a Postcard

One popular strategy is to send a postcard instead of a formal letter. Postcards tend to be more visible and can stand out in a pile of envelopes. A postcard also looks more professional than a piece of paper that someone could have printed out with them at-home computer. A major part of a mail campaign involves building credibility, and postcards can help you to do so.

Address Your Recipients

Starting your letter with a phrase like “Dear homeowner” is likely to come across as impersonal. In fact, your reader may very well get the impression that you have sent the same letter to every house on the block.

Even when you have contacted multiple individuals in the same community, the letter shouldn’t give off that vibe. Appropriately address the homeowners by name when possible.

Use Immediate Language

Make clear that there are buyers who want to purchase the home now. If you make it sound as though there is a limitless amount of time, you are then unlikely to get any immediate inquiries.

Depending upon the information that is available to you, you might be able to include how quickly the buyers want to make a purchase. For example, if you have buyers who want to purchase a house within the next month, you could include that information.

Include Recently Sold Properties

In the letter, you should include recently sold properties. Put images of those properties in the letter. Be sure to include the price at which the houses sold. If the houses sold for over the asking price, you should certainly state that information as well.

Recipients need to be able to see that you have experience with selling homes in the area. Including pictures of the house might encourage recipients to visually identify with the properties. In other words, if your readers see a house that looks like theirs, they may be more motivated to contact you.

Name Specific Features

Tell your readers why buyers are interested in their home. For example, maybe you have buyers who are interested in a house with a swimming pool and deck, or perhaps the buyers want a home with a certain layout and in a particular school district.

Including specific details of this nature help readers to feel as though you are directly speaking to them as opposed to everyone in their neighborhood. By including this type of information, you’re telling your readers that there’s a target audience for their specific home.

Incorporate Your Picture and Biographical Information

Some people are skeptical of letters that come in the mail asking about home sales. Including your picture and a brief biography can help to diminish those feelings of distrust.

Put a professional headshot in the letter. Type up some biographical information that is relevant to your career as a real estate agent in the target community. For example, you can let readers know for how many years you have been selling houses in the community.

Include Contact Information

Provide your readers with clear contact information so that they know how to get in touch with you. Do note that some individuals may want to contact you in the future as opposed to right now. In fact, many of your readers might not be ready to sell their homes at this moment.

By providing people with your professional email address, phone number, website and social media account information, you increase the chances that these individuals will contact you later on when they do want to sell their homes.

Be Concise

Think about the way that people process regular mail in the modern age. Flipping through the envelopes after a long day at work often involves a lot of groaning about the number of bills and junk mail in the pile.

Few people want to read a lengthy letter that trails on and on. Make sure that the purpose of your letter is clearly stated at the beginning. Then, provide the rest of the details in a clear and concise fashion.

Polish Grammar and Sentence Structure

With all the reports of scams in the news, many people are on high alert for these types of situations. Poorly written content can be taken as a sign of a scam.

As a real estate agent, you are likely used to communicating with clients through email, so you may very well have strong grammar and sentence-level skills. Before you print your letter or postcard, take the time to thoroughly proofread. If you struggle with revision, consider hiring an editor to help out.


One way to get new real estate clients is to reach out directly and to let people know that there are buyers for their homes available. Remember that this strategy can have benefits in both the short and long term.

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