The advancing digital society we operate in has affected every facet of the business world, including customer service. However, the face of customer relationship management, CRM, is always changing, improving, and advancing. Thus, many businesses have to keep changing their digital tools to cope with new trends.

Although every business understands the importance of customer service, changing contact center software frequently isn’t the best idea. Not only will it cost a lot of money, but it will also be hard for customer service providers to constantly familiarize themselves with software tools.

As the volume of requests for customer services increases, companies need better management systems. You can’t afford to compromise on customer service systems and contact center solutions. The tools for effective customer relationships are crucial for business growth.

But how can you make sure to provide the best customer service possible? Well, the answer lies in providing a contact center. But what is it?

What Is a Contact Center?

A contact center is a CRM system that supports customer interaction. It utilizes a variety of channels. These channels include phone calls, email, web chat, and partnerships. As new channels emerge, this system adopts and integrates them as well. Businesses use this system to reach their customers too.

Customer Service

Do not confuse contact centers with call centers. The difference is that call centers only allow customer interaction by telephone while contact centers allow customers to come by their office to provide solutions.

Contact centers will enhance customer service. And if you get the right contact center software to go with it, you can turn your business around for the better. With the right tool for CRM, your business can deal with more customer challenges.

There are 6 main kinds of contact centers. They are:

  • Inbound contact center
  • Outbound contact center
  • Multichannel contact center
  • Omnichannel contact center
  • On-premises contact center
  • Cloud contact center

What Is a Contact Center Software?

For your contact center to operate well, you need worthy software. A contact center software is a group of applications running contact center processes. Contact center software helps businesses manage costs while monitoring and improving customer experience.

Your contact center software helps train your new agents. So, it reduces costs in that aspect. Also, it helps maintain compliance with laws and regulations. 

The progress of contact center software has been significant over time. A lot of new technologies are now added. For example, contact center solutions are now designed to use artificial intelligence.

Contact center software is generally of two types. There is the type hosted on-site or on-premises. And the other type hosted in the cloud by a vendor is in software-as-a-service (SaaS) format. Both types have their pros, but cloud-based software is better.

Businesses deciding to use on-premises contact center software solutions face a few challenges. First, they have more control but incur more costs. They will spend on hardware, updating systems, security, and support activities.

But businesses that use cloud contact center solutions won’t have these tasks. Instead, their vendors bear the responsibility of enhancing and securing the system. Thus, cloud-based contact center software is more cost-effective and flexible. That is why most contact centers are moving to the cloud.

Typical Contact Center Software Applications

There are various kinds of contact center software solutions available for businesses. This software allows for various degrees of function. They also have different effects on CRM and customer experience.

Customer Service

1. Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs)

ACDs are contact center solutions standard in big offices. They handle large volumes of inbound calls. The central role of an ACD is to route a customer to the contact center agents with the right skills.

Routing uses programmed rules related to agent availability. They also relate to the nature of the customer’s issue. Also, advanced ACDs can route customers from digital channels. Their algorithms support the integration of more routing criteria.

2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR allows callers to interact with a computer-operated telephone system. It combines pre-recorded messages with a dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) interface. It also combines a text-to-speech application with DTMF. Also, callers interact with menus that lead them to an agent or self-service operation. 

IVR systems are often used with ACDs. Information obtained by IVRs makes ACDs more effective. Modern IVRs use speech recognition to allow customers to respond.

3. Call Recording

Contact centers can record, store, and retrieve calls with call recording software. The best software keeps organizations compliant with laws and regulations. 

4. Reporting

Contact centers that need customer data can keep up with key performance metrics. They use reporting software to achieve this. Unique reports and end-user report creation are features of the best reporting applications.

5. Workforce Management (WFM)

WFM software is a suite that ensures employees are in the right place at the right time for the best efficiency. WFM applications run volume forecasting, agent scheduling, and daily management.

Advanced WFM tools include Omnichannel, AI-infused forecasting, and agent-schedule autonomy.

Contact Center Software Innovations for Customer Service

A good customer contact center software must integrate customer preferences and expectations. Then it must factor them into consumer-brand touchpoints. And meeting expectations is not easy. Because of the radicality of technology, people are always setting higher standards.

Technologies emerging today will influence customer experiences tomorrow. There is no lack of new ways to interact with customers. Tools like augmented reality, voice assistants, and cloud technology are changing CRM. And there are going to be more technologies in the future.

You must find the right digital tools to build a great customer experience and grow your brand and sales. The following are technologies that are improving customer service.

Customer Service

The Cloud

Because of the versatility offered by the cloud, many contact center solutions now use it. Besides, improving customer support is a major reason for investment in cloud contact center software solutions. 

As technology advances, the number of sales channels will increase. As a result, the amount of data that would incur will be intense. Maintaining private systems to cope with data influx would not make business sense. So, many businesses now move their CRM operations to the cloud for greater ease and reduced cost.

The cloud then becomes the basis for new features like omnichannel retail. This feature unifies customer experience across various sales channels. It allows customers to interact with brands on any channel they like. As a result, businesses can gather, centralize, and respond to data easier. And with advancements, channels are going to multiply.

The cloud allows business owners to operate anywhere and from any device. Also, they won’t have to worry about hardware or security. That’s the service provider’s problem.


Smartphones are everywhere. And they afford us access to our contacts at the tap or swipe of a finger. So, consumers are now used to instant answers and interconnectivity via the web. 

Customers are willing to wait a few hours for a reply to their online inquiry. Yet, most inquiries go unanswered by businesses. And this is because of the sheer number of questions they have to attend to daily. So, technology has come up with automation to address this challenge.

Artificial intelligence power chatbots. They interact with people online. Many businesses use this technology to respond to customer inquiries all day. Business owners rest a little easier knowing that their customers are well served.

The Bottom line

Customer service is very dynamic today. You need more versatile systems to ensure you are on top of your customer’s challenges. The right tools must be well applied to make business and CRM better. 

Contact center solutions will continue to advance as technology advances. Thus, you must start and stay with the best software for your business.

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