Finding the proper style and cut for your new suit is the first step in getting a custom suit that is ideally suited to your body. At this point, you will need to ask yourself what event you will wear the suit to, such as work, play, a social event, or even a wedding. Regarding style, a suit intended for business meetings will need to check off a different set of boxes than a suit intended for a wedding in the countryside.

All of the factors above are significant indications that will lead the manufacture of your new fitted bespoke suit in a particular path. However, you don’t need to be a fashion guru to pull it off. Skilled stylists will guide you through this decision-making stage in a smooth manner and assist you in determining the style that is most suitable for you.

Main suit styles

You may wish to pick one of the two basic styles for your custom-tailored suit, depending on your demands and specifications, which are as follows:

Suit with a single breast pocket

Single-breasted men’s tailored suits is distinguished by its solitary row of buttons and its little use of fabric overlap at the breast. The result is an appearance that is more subdued and adaptable, which means that it is suitable for use in both professional and social settings.

Suit with a double-breasted front

On the other hand, double-breasted men’s tailored suits has two columns of buttons that are separated by a significant amount of overlap on the left and right sides. It is the choice that most men choose to wear with their suits, and it is excellent for creating a professional and official appearance.

The Things You Should Never Do When Buying Suits for a Tall Man

Focus on creating combinations

Men who are above six feet tall sometimes look better in separate parts. This refers to a jacket and pants made of different fabrics and contrasting hues. Because of this, the attention is taken away from the individual’s height.

Build up layers

You may also utilize layers to create the appearance of depth if the seasons allow it. Ideal options are a waistcoat or a double-breasted jacket. This is an optical illusion created to disorient one’s perception of height.

Invest in belts rather than braces

When it comes to guys who are tall and lean, belts are preferable over braces. One should take advantage of everything central that diminishes the impression of height.

Get customized

Because you are not a typical size, your clothing shouldn’t be either. Invest in custom men’s tailored suits from a professional tailor, or have your existing jackets and pants tailored to better complement your figure.

Buy longer ties

Most neckties are manufactured in one standard size, making it difficult for men of greater stature to tie multiple knots without cutting down the total length of the tie. Try to locate businesses that sell ties of a greater length.

Show some flair with your choice of footwear

It will be helpful to focus people’s attention lower if you wear shoes with vivid colours or textures. You shouldn’t be concerned if you have enormous feet since they’ll be in proportion with the rest of your body and won’t limit the aesthetic of your style. Try contrast laces if you’re a purist and like brogues or derbies.

Final word:

In conclusion, if you are looking to purchase a tailor’s suit, it is important to keep in mind a few key points. Firstly, make sure to get your measurements taken by a professional. Secondly, remember that the suit should fit comfortably in the shoulders and chest, and the jacket should fall just below the hips. Thirdly, choose a fabric that is appropriate for the season and the occasion. Fourthly, be sure to try on the suit before you make your purchase.


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