Patient outcomes are usually the yardstick by which a care facility’s quality is judged. It is therefore understandable why such clinician workflows are burning the candle at both ends and leveraging everything within their power to improve patient outcomes. The added pressure of lawsuits and regulations also further reinforces the need for the cause, but the solution may lie yet in a proven virtual healthcare solutions such as that which Aura Health offers. If you’re wondering just how this technology makes it possible, read on to find out below.  

Virtual care helps reduce medical errors

Unintentional medical errors can creep into the workflow and taint diagnostic yield. That usually results from several things, including;

  • Burnout resulting from workflows spreading themselves too thin leading to fatigue and errors resulting from a drop in concertation levels. 
  • Communication hitches between the patient and doctor, as well as physicians and colleagues as well
  • Inappropriate patient identification and assessment can also be partly to blame.

When misdiagnoses resulting from medical errors occur, a lot happens that compromises the patient’s safety. Virtual healthcare can avoid all that by reducing the number of medical errors made in the fast place. 

It does this by ensuring connectivity to unanimous data, while Aura Health’s UNICA platform further helps with patient onboarding and organization to ensure proper identification and consequently assessment. 

Reminders help ensure timely medical intervention  

As far as the US is concerned, 55 out of every 100 patients miss hospital appointments. Of that figure, 32% of them are down to forgetfulness. Patient no-shows can inhibit the quality of the care process before it even has a chance to get going. That’s because treatment is delayed which leads to worsening symptoms. 

Effective medical treatment is all about timely care. Aura Health’s virtual care ensures just that through routine patient reminders. These keep patients in the know about their medical appointments and thus improve compliance. The result is that the clinical decision-making process hastens and with it, patient outcomes also stand to benefit. 

Virtual visits improve medication and treatment compliance at large

While the finger is often pointed at doctors and clinical workers at large when patient outcomes are not the best, patients themselves are sometimes to blame. Several studies have found it so, citing treatment noncompliance as one of the major reasons why health outcomes can suffer. 

So why do patients not comply with treatment? Well, it boils down to several factors, some of which are as follows: 

  • An absence of trust: Close to 30% of patients are not sure whether to trust their doctors, hence the disobedience to a treatment regime.
  • Denial: Asymptomatic patients with chronic illness can often ignore their condition, and the treatment required for it, because of being in denial
  • Unclear instructions: Other times, the regimen’s difficulty can get in the way. The patient can be unsure of the what, when, and how.

Again, all these three concerns can be addressed by virtual patient care solutions. For instance, virtual can ensures anytime access to physicians by patients regardless of location. Patients don’t have to walk into a care facility if they have doubts or concerns about the intricacies of medication or the treatment routine. They can get the answers they need remotely and with ease. When patient-physician communication also happens frequently and is transparent, then becomes patients more trustful of their physicians and more receptive to their condition. 

Improved physician productivity and welfare which leads to better patient outcomes

Of course, physicians are an important piece of the puzzle which is patient outcome. When physicians work in a more positive environment and feel satisfied and contented in their work, then chances are this will translate into the improvement of the care process. 

One study reviewed over 700 hospitals across America and Europe to prove this. The survey featured 43,000 nurses and found that clinical workers are more likely to report adverse outcomes or incidents to superiors if superiors are easier to reach. 

While disruptive workplace behaviors and the strength of workflow relationships are key to a more positive workflow, there’s still much that virtual healthcare solutions can help set right. Sure an organizational cultural rewiring may be necessary, but virtual care solutions can keep colleagues connected better while improving the swiftness of carrying out iterative tasks for every patient in terms of check-ups and follow. With increased productivity and decreased strain on the part of doctors, patient outcomes are bound to benefit from this. 


Aura Health’s virtual healthcare services and technology have been a revelation for hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities of all sizes. It is enabling the improvement of patient outcomes by reducing patient no-shows during appointments, enhancing care team collaboration, and reinforcing treatment adherence. If you’d like to take your care facility to the next level, with a virtual healthcare solutions provider you can trust, Aura Health is your best bet. Be sure to stop by their website for more details or a demonstration.  

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