For some years now, Savini Wheels have been the go-to aftermarket rims for those who own the most premium vehicles available in the United States and across the world. It is one of the most elite manufacturers of high-grade rims with only a handful of competitors. 

You might wonder why someone who drives a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley or possibly a McLaren would want a set of aftermarket wheels. This is actually a pretty good question!

The simple answer is exclusivity. The factory-fitted OEMs of such luxury sedans and coupes are extraordinarily good, but they are not one-off models. There is an increasing number of supercar owners who want to stand apart from their peers. That’s where aftermarket rims like those manufactured by leading brands like Fuel Wheels come in.

The demand for off-road wheels designed specifically for such high-end vehicles is also a factor. Generally, supercars are not what spring to mind whenever you think of off-roading. These vehicles will almost always require specially made rims that can absorb the rigors of going off the beaten track and onto forest roads and dusty trails.

Lexani is another brand that makes one-off deluxe rims for such iconic passenger cars. However, if you are looking only for high-end Savini Wheels and would prefer to avoid any other manufacturer, you can consider one of the 3 models mentioned in the next section.

We must acknowledge at this point the great advice we received from the professionals at AudioCity USA, one of California’s oldest retailers of custom rims and an array of other automotive spares. More on them later.

3 majestic Savini models for premium cars

Note that this wee list is not arranged in any order of preference.

  1. Savini SL3: This is one of the flagship models of the SL range of Savini and are aimed primarily at long-wheelbase luxury sedans. The SL3 is a forged multipiece rim with 9 spokes and is a lot more concave than it looks in photos. We came across a Rolls-Royce Cullinan on our way to Anaheim, CA, where Savini has its principal manufacturing facility. 

It was a stroke of incredible luck considering that we were compiling this list. The Cullinan is the first Rolls-Royce SUV and was introduced in 2018. It’s an incredibly powerful machine and the dark blue SL3 rims suited it like a satin glove. Love at first sight, if you will! 

This is one of the lightest rims ever manufactured by Savini and blows away anything Fuel Wheels has to offer. 

  1. Savini Black di Forza BM13: The Black di Forza is a ridiculously good-looking range of off-road wheels offered by Savini. The model in question, the BM13, is pretty new and is available in a ‘continuous lip’ design philosophy which, when you add in the concavity, makes it an effortlessly agile model for taking on the most extreme surfaces.

The BM13 comes in several colors including brushed gold, teal and candy red. The central cap carries the name of the range; it is machined precisely on aluminum.

Naturally, every aspect of the BM13 can be customized for the vehicle you drive. Savini has engineered it for both form (which is outstanding) and functionality as these rims will be compatible with every type of TPMS. 

Savini Wheels also provides a unique ‘iConfigurator’ on its official website which you can use to match your chosen model with your vehicle. Also known as the Savini Vehicle Builder, it takes your car’s details (year, make, model etc.) and helps you customize the rims. 

How about that!

  1. Savini SV-F6: This is one of the latest additions to the growing family of flow formed rims which Savini promotes as the ‘SV-F’ collection. These are perhaps the most advanced rims in this niche and usually have a waiting period of several weeks. The SV-F range will see a few more additions come 2023 as the company has invested heavily in this technology.

We are yet to see these rims in action; however, we did come across a spanking-new McLaren 720S with a set of brushed blue SV-F6 wheels at AudioCity’s brand-new showroom on Telegraph Road in California’s Santa Fe Springs. 

The SV-F family is probably one of the most deluxe off-road wheels money can buy! Using proprietary technology and flow forming, the company has managed to bring down the weight of each rim significantly. 

This has 2 big advantages: it helps cut down on fuel expenses besides providing you with a greater degree of stability and navigability on unpaved and hostile surfaces.

What’s the big deal about AudioCity USA?

Well, we often visit them to check out the latest launches in the aftermarket rims niche besides asking for their professional advice on anything related to these high-end products. This is a 33-year-old retailer and is recognized as one of the best in business – and not only across California.

You must have guessed pretty early that Savini Wheels are expensive, the main reason why so many people stay away from them.

Purchasing from this retailer has some plus points. You get:

  • Guaranteed lowest prices
  • Fitment guarantees for every model regardless of the manufacturer
  • Several attractive financing options in association with ‘Progressive Leasing
  • Surprise discounts of up to 26% per rim
  • Superfast and inexpensive shipping

Given how so many fake models of Fuel Wheels and several other brands have spread their roots across the country, it’s always a good idea to buy certified genuine rims from reputable outlets only.

But we’ll leave the purchase decision to you!

Happy driving!

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