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A Simple Guide To Attract Customers With A Content Marketing Strategy

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The purpose of all marketing efforts is to attract customers. Thus, a solid content strategy can contribute to achieving that purpose. So how do you make your brand your audience’s favorite content source? Here we will tell you.

Why does content help attract customers?

Content marketing is all about creating quality content for guest posting, entertaining, educational, and engaging content to build audiences for brands. In other words, the objective of a content marketing strategy is to turn a brand into a means of communication.

Its power to attract customers lies in the fact that the content that is developed is content that solves needs and does not intend to offer products for sale.

When executed correctly, it generates engagement with the target audience and helps mobilize them to achieve the brand’s objectives.

In addition, content marketing contributes to the organic positioning of your page in the SERP ( Search Engine Result Pages ). This benefit is always useful to attract customers interested in your themes.

Considerations for attracting customers with content

Brands often dabble in merchandising trends for fashion. The effort usually leaves behind only misplaced resources and the impression that the latest marketing invention isn’t working. To prevent this from happening to you, consider these two key factors when creating your strategy.

Define your business objectives very well to attract customers

Before looking for platforms to create a blog, make sure that content marketing is the way to achieve your business goals.

Keep in mind that the objectives define the content formats that you should use. If you want to delve into them, we invite you to read the following text that explains”What are the formats of content marketing”.

If your goal is to get leads, you should use formats that force people to register to access the content. These formats can be e-books, guides, and lists, among others.

If what you want is organic traffic to attract customers, you will achieve that with texts.

As you can see in the article that we suggest, there are 16 content formats that respond to the objectives of the brands. The first point that you must define very well is what you need as a brand.

The importance of defining buyer personas to attract customers

Clarity regarding business goals contributes to the profiling of your target audience. Try to have clear and reliable information to answer these key questions:

  • Who are my potential customers? (demographic and behavioral data)
  • Where do I find them? (Most used platforms, online behavior, etc.)
  • What interests them?
  • What need can I solve?

The definition of the buyer persona is a task that is not easy. Once you define them, you can set the content themes. With the themes, you will be able to review the keywords, and therefore you will understand what the searches are like that they do to find solutions to their needs.

Your business goals may contemplate several audiences, so your content strategy must be aligned with them. We recommend that you not develop more than 4 buyer personas for your brand.

Keep in mind that they can differ from each other due to their traits, their habits, or their location in the customer journey. Your material should attract both new and experienced customers with your brand. Ideally, your offer wins first-timers and retains veterans.

How do I develop a content strategy to attract customers?

The next stage is planning. With the business goals and audience defined, you can formulate the identity, channels, and processes associated with your strategy.

Content Identity

All the material you produce must communicate the essence of your brand and the benefits you present over your competition. The tone and form depend on your audience and the channels they frequent. Your pieces should be unmistakable when appearing in the feed of your potential customers.

Content map

As we talked about, there are various content formats to attract customers: blogs, case studies, infographics, podcasts, especially video creations. Remember that users have different needs and expectations throughout the customer journey to choose yours. Offering a product demo to someone who barely knows your brand is not effective. In contrast, a free digital book can be a great introduction to your brand.

Prepare an editorial calendar to be clear from the beginning of the direction you want to take as a brand. This implies that from the beginning, you must know the keywords on which you are going to work during the year.


Select your content distribution strategies according to the profile of your audiences and the ideal content formats for your purposes. They can include social networks, mailing, and native advertising, among others.

Check that the content has the necessary SEO parameters to attract customers.

Once you start working with content, it is advisable to check that the content developed complies with the necessary SEO techniques. It is of little use to upload content to your blog to attract customers if you do not have it optimized with the necessary SEO techniques.

Measure, measure, and measure

For your strategy to be sustainable, it is essential that you measure the results permanently.

The best platform to do it is the Google Search Console. It is a free platform where you can see the evolution of the positioning of the content that you upload to your website.

Analyze what type of material is more successful. Check if you are achieving your business goals and if, in this way, you are managing to attract key customers for your business.

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Hi! I am John natish. I am a content writer and SEO expert. I love to write and share my content with my audience.
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Hi! I am John natish. I am a content writer and SEO expert. I love to write and share my content with my audience.

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