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Badminton 9 essential basics for beginners to learn

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Basic badminton skills are essential to you to become a badminton expert. If you’re a beginner, you might ask, “What are the key skills I need to learn?”

Below are the essential basics that a beginner should learn to play a nice and simple badminton game. (Set up according to what you need to learn first)

There are different types of badminton skills. However, before you learn difficult skills like netting, snapping, and jumping, first learn some of the skills listed below.

  1. Catch

before going out to play badminton You must know how to properly hold the rocket. If you don’t hold the rocket properly You won’t be able to use the maximum power on your badminton shots. Also, you won’t be able to display quality images.

There are basically 2 different ways to hold the rocket: commonly known as the front grip. The forehand grip is used for hitting the front handlebar. while the backhand is used to hit the backhand.

During the game, you should be able to quickly switch from forehand to backhand.

  1. Theatrical performances

Running pickleball olympic sport on foot is essential if you want a fast pace on the badminton court.

Think of it as “traveling more with fewer steps”.

Do you think you can enjoy your game if you can’t hit the shuttlecock? It will help you get back on the field effectively for organized shots. This allows you to hit your opponents before they hit the ground.

  1. Wave your hand in advance

This is the front swing movement. If you hit the forehand well, you can clear, drop and knock badminton.

  1. Pure Badminton

The clearing is the most defensive action in badminton. Badminton Clear is a shot where you hit a shuttlecock high into the air and fall onto your opponent’s back. (from the beginning) he was on the defensive. Because when the shuttle lands around the backline, you know your opponent can’t do anything big. for an attack

  1. One Drop Badminton

Instead of a good defensive shot Learn to shoot defensively/offensively to win rallies.

Dropshots are achieved by hitting the ball in front of your opponent’s court from behind your court. A good badminton drop can be a good killer in a rally win. Dropshots, on the other hand, can also be considered defensive. because if you drop well Your opponent will not attack from that attack.

  1. Underarm shots

When you get a low kick in front of the court You have to make stroke Arm kicks are important. So you can fire back at your opponent.

  1. Backhand Beat

What if your opponent’s hairball touches your backhand zone? You can pick up the head to go behind the shuttle with your forehand stroke. Alternatively, you can create a backhand for self-defense. Use the backhand grip to hit the backhand.

  1. The Fall of Backhand

Few can show a good backhand. I think the general reason is that most people can’t quickly switch from forehand to backhand grip.

Sometimes a lot of people are already using backhand flu. But still can’t show a serious backhand.

First, learn about Beckhand’s fall. This ability is not very powerful. If you can hit the backhand properly. This kick shouldn’t be a problem with a little practice.

Initially, I planned my week to develop a routine that would allow me to train enough time on different days.

for patience, I like rowing or cycling. In the beginning, I liked to build distance over speed. So 2-3 miles of running at a constant pace worked for me. Once I got to 3 miles, I started to switch my workout from a one-stroke endurance session to a multi-stroke session by adding a 3-10 meter sprint. Now he’s training my body to do it. small bomb

I’ll add to this by finding an area where I can find a badminton court. I’m building shadowy badminton set to train my legs and improve my footwork. First of all, good agility is very important in badminton. So I have to practice and improve my steps. start from explosion Styles of travel, jumping, landing, and returning to base

for the increased walking speed in my program, We offer a range of rope options from single jump to double jump.

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