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Basic information to know from a to z about penalty card bets

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Penalty card bets, although not as popular as other forms, still receive the attention of many members on sportsbook mobile app Uganda. This bet is quite interesting and novel, and the reward for the player is relatively high. And if you are a new player, you need to clearly define the definition as well as the experience and gameplay to improve your level of victory through each round.

 What is a penalty card bet?

Penalty card handicap is one of the special types of bets in football and it usually does not appear in the common playing styles of the house. This type of bet is understood as your prediction of the total number of yellow and red cards appearing in the match. Although it hasn’t appeared much yet, it is considered to be relatively easy to play, with a similar implementation to Asian poker.

Yellow cards easily happen in matches when injuries or basic violations of the rules occur. It shows up faster and more often than red cards. However, you also need to be really skillful when evaluating different markets.

 Why should you play penalty card bets?

The reason for choosing penalty bets in football

Should you place this bet or not? Because it is not really widespread, this type of bet always leaves many thoughts for players because they do not know the winning rate. However, how much money you get is mainly based on your personal computing power.

The penalty bet is difficult to predict, but if you keep the various forms in mind, you can choose the plan that gives you the most profit.Usually, red and yellow cards happen unintentionally and are just missed minutes of participation. Therefore, it is difficult for the bookies to hack the results so that the player loses.

Not only that, the reward rate of the penalty bet is quite high. Since there are not many players involved yet, when you win, you can get a smaller payout per capita. When choosing this penalty bet and playing it for a long time, you will surely get used to it and find it easier to apply.

Tips for betting on effective penalty cards for players

Penalty-card bets are rarely used bets. Therefore, to win in this genre, you need to memorize as well as learn more experience to strengthen your decisions in the next matches.

  • Find out more about the two teams
  • Understand how the players play


The simplest thing that must be repeated many times is the basic information about the teams on the field. This is also an important factor in determining the victory or defeat of the player.

If you are passionate about football, surely finding information to have a chance to win the game as well as better understand this field is definitely something that everyone likes. The more you search for news, the better it will be. From there, you will quickly get highly accurate results.

Also, focus on analyzing the playing styles of the players. Comment on errors as well as the nearest tables, whether they are easy to eat penalty cards or not.

Know the types of penalty cards in the match

Each different type of penalty bet will bring a separate bonus value to the bookmaker. Therefore, after studying the formation between the two sides, you need to consider which type of bet will bring the reward with the highest value and minimize the risk.

Not all types of penalty bets are the same. The winner is the one who cleverly chooses a suitable bet. You can secure your finances with such wise decisions.

  • Learn the style of the referee
  • See the referee’s playing style

The referee is the one who issues red and yellow cards during the match. Therefore, you should also review the matches that this referee participates in, then see how often they give seed cards to the players.

Many times there are matches, the same error, but there is a penalty referee, and the referee ignores it. Therefore, this is also the element of luck. However, you can observe to limit the round depending too much on luck.

Some popular types of penalty card bets at the bookie

In football, penalties have many different types, such as over-under penalties or Asian penalties.

Penalty handicap bet

Over or under the market here, you will choose the upper or lower door in a match. The dealer will give the number that red and yellow cards appear during the official match. From there, you choose whether the number of their occurrences is larger or smaller than this number.

Choose the dealer if you think the actual total number of cards is higher. Conversely, choose under if the player thinks that fewer red and yellow cards will appear.

Asian Penalty

Unlike sums, in this category you will determine which team has the highest number of penalties. The red, or yellow card, is only counted in the official 90 minutes of play. In this type of bet, the player can choose to close the door in the first half or for the whole match.

Which bookie should play penalty card bets?

To participate in attractive matches with a fully updated odds table, you need to choose a reputable bookmaker in the market. 

Above is the information about penalty card bets that you need to know. Hopefully, through some sharing in this article, readers will understand the definition, tips, and common types of bets on this betting event and have the opportunity to participate in exciting and dramatic matches.

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