Philadelphia is a fantastic city in Pennsylvania that is called the city of brotherly love. This is a historical location that has many opportunities for everyone who decides to move. People considering moving to Philadelphia should know that it promises many benefits.

However, before moving to this city, there are some things you need to put in place. This guide will show the pros of moving to Philadelphia and the exciting places where you can visit the city.

5 Things to do before moving to Philadelphia

When relocating to Philadelphia, you should endeavor to do these things :

Choose the right moving company

The first step when moving to Philadelphia is hiring a trusted Philly mover. This is important to avoid disappointment and choose an affordable mover. Hiring a reliable moving company Philadelphia when moving to Philly should be your first choice.


Before leaving your present place, ensure you clear out the property. There are many merits of doing this. You will enter your home on a new slate without any junk. You will also make some cash by selling off any unwanted properties.

Choose a viable date

Check the calendar before moving, and choose a good date that will be comfortable for you and the movers. Also, you will give the owners ample time to pack away from their house and clear their house.

Label your items

Always ensure you label all your possessions before moving to a new location. When this is done accurately, it will be easier for the moving company to pack.

Don’t forget about the pets

When preparing to move to Philadelphia, you can be stressed and forget many things. One thing you should make preparations for is your cats and dogs. Talk to your vet to know if there are any drugs available to keep your ores in good condition throughout the trip.

The pros of moving to Philadelphia 

Here are some pros of moving to Philadelphia :

Excellent Amenities 

Philadelphia is a big city that has an appealing charm. There are a plethora of amenities that can be found in shopping malls, stores, and restaurants. You will be able to enjoy the nice amenities in the city. 

Good location

Those who travel around the States a lot, they will find living in western Philadelphia easy. It is annexed by various cities such as Washington DC and New York. It’s easy to commute from one city to another in hours. For those who want an eventful weekend, and need to change location, mobility is simple around Philadelphia. 

Cheaper standard of living 

The price of things in Philadelphia is a bit higher than average, however, it is cheaper than all major cities in the USA. Philly remains one of the most affordable cities if you consider food items and accommodation. 

Rich history 

Philadelphia is a US city with unique culture and traditions. It isn’t just about their museums, everywhere you visit in Philadelphia has come a long way. There are many architectural monuments and historical sites scattered around the city. 

Good road networks

All the neighborhoods in Philadelphia are walkable and trek able. Also, the public transportation in this city is excellent. You can move about with your bikes and motorcycles without any problems.

Nice public parks

Philly has a good amount of green space which people will love. Parks such as Fairmont Park cover about 4,300 acres and are regarded as one of the best biggest US parks. It has features such as a Waterfront esplanade, good trails, and rolling hills.

Places to live in Philadelphia

When you move to Philadelphia, you should stay in certain cities. Here are nice places to stay when in Philly :

Rittenhouse Square

This is one of the best neighborhoods around Philadelphia. It has a nice setting and is very in-demand by many people. You will find multiple stores and shopping stores. The accommodation is very fair.

Center City

Center city is a beautiful location in Philly which is home to many visitors. You will find Franklin institute and Barnes foundation which are major points of attraction around. Music and Art lovers should consider this place because there are many social activities around this location.

University City

If you are a youth or young at heart, here is a nice place to stay in Philadelphia. There are two major US universities in this neighborhood: the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University. The locals in this area are accommodating and very friendly. Also, there are shopping malls, food centers, and culture shops.

Fishtown/Northern Liberties

Fishtown is another cool residential location you can move to in Philadelphia. These places are filled with bars, clubs, and veer gardens. This is a district in which many social centers can be found. There are many galleries and art exhibitions around this area.


Philadelphia is a cool city that people can move to when relocating. This city offers many benefits which include, education, affordability, and a good standard of living. There are many nice places you can live in the city and enjoy your stay.

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