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Best Cheap Car Insurance For First Time Drivers With Expert Advice Online

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Affordable car insurance for first time drivers could be hard to find as most of the auto insurers face much greater degree of financial risks for providing car covers to drivers that don’t have experience behind the wheel. But it doesn’t mean that new drivers can’t save money on their car insurance as it is possible to find companies which might provide cheaper deals. And the best way to locate these insurers is to take advantage of fast internet processes. When you go online, you can find companies that are willing to take the risk of providing coverage to even those drivers who have no previous driving experience. Companies like Grange, Mercury, Progressive, State Farm and Travellers could be the best for first time driver’s auto insurance covers.

Nevertheless, as compared to safe and experienced drivers, cheap insurance for first time drivers could be still very difficult to get. The only way to improve your chances of getting an affordable car insurance solution is to do extensive shopping and compare free quotes offered by several insurers. Here is a list of top 9 auto insurance providers that might be the cheapest for first-time drivers.

Company                                                             Average Yearly Car Insurance Cost           

Travelers                                                                                        $1,313

Grange                                                                                                          $1,584

Mercury                                                                                           $1,684

Progressive                                                                                     $1,835

State Farm                                                                                      $1,895

Safeco                                                                                                $2,034

Liberty Mutual                                                                                  $2,065

The Hartford                                                                                     $2,116

Kemper                                                                                           $2,128

However, your ability to get cheaper car insurance for first time drivers will also depend on a host of other factors such as your age, gender, residential location, driving record and credit history. Car insurance rates could be the highest for 16 year old drivers and will gradually drop as one grows up. The below mentioned table depicts as to how auto insurance rates might vary by the age of driver.

Age                                                         Average Yearly Auto Insurance Rates

16                                                                                       $3,343

17                                                                                        $2,752

18                                                                                        $2,415

19                                                                                        $1,812

20                                                                                        $1,618

21                                                                                        $1,250

22                                                                                        $1,134

23                                                                                        $1,053

24                                                                                           $998

25                                                                                            $862

While it could be possible to save money and get cheap insurance for first time drivers, you may need to follow few vital guidelines as under:

  1. Shop extensively for finding the best coverage

Every insurers uses different set of parameters for calculation of auto insurance premiums. So, as a first time driver, you need to compare free quote estimates provided by several standard and non-standard insurance providers. Never accept the very first proposal even if the quote has the lowest premium as it might not offer the right level of coverage for your car.

  1. Join your parent’s existing policy to avoid buying a separate car cover

There is no need to purchase separate auto insurance coverage if you are still dependent on your parents. All you need to do is just get your name added to the policy and even it leads to a hike in premium, you can still save money as a separate policy which will be expensive considering the fact that you are a first-time driver.

  1. By choosing a higher deductible you can lower your car insurance premium

The term “deductible” refers to the amount a driver will pay for filing certain kinds of claims in advance. If you select a high deductible, it will serve to reduce the yearly premium drastically. But you only need to make sure that you can easily afford the deductible amount.

  1. Inquire whether you are eligible to get discounts on your auto insurance premium

Majority of the insurers provide premium discounts for new and young drivers as well. These may include financial concessions for driving fewer miles annually, maintaining average B grade in the academics consistently for last 3 years and for cars that have numerous safety features. You can check your eligibility to qualify for a discounted package for saving money.

  1. Buy state mandated basic liability insurance cover if you can’t afford full coverage

While it is always desirable to make sure that your vehicle is adequately insured, if money is a problem then you can purchase minimum liability insurance as is recommended by your state. And to keep the insurance cost further low, you can drive an old cheap vehicle.

  1. Get enrolled for a defensive driver’s training course with a government certified institute

As a first time driver, it makes sense to take up defensive driver’s training as it will not only make you responsible on road but also enable you to get an extra premium discount.

Learn more about premium discounts by talking to a competent expert today!

We can assist you to get the best cheap auto insurance online no down payment required even if you are first-time driver. Take advantage of our specialist online services to secure a solution that easily fits your specific driving needs and budget. Apply for free quotes now!

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