It is the last week of November. There is just another week to welcome the last month of the year. December is everyone’s favorite month. This month has an extended holiday season in the last week. It starts with the world’s most celebrated occasion- Christmas. Christmas is a winter festival, except in Australia. Winter and chocolate are just an irresistible combination to skip. Also, winter is the season of hot sizzling coffee or chocolate with dipped cookies. On Christmas, we meet and greet our loved ones with gifts. The chocolate chip cookies would be the best ones. Here is a list of the best chocolate chip cookies for Christmas day treats. Different places are the motherlands of these cookies. Scotland and England are the best places for cookies. There is also Germany that bakes the most delicious cookies in the whole world. For sure you are to make your beloved’s Christmas even more special. It is best to order Christmas cookies from German sites.

1) Vanilla Crescents Cookies

Cookies are the best item to add to the platter of any celebration. The best part of winter cookies is there are different varieties. These vanilla cookies would just melt the taste buds. These are chocolate cookies with vanilla essence added to them. To make it look even most special and attractive, a crescent shape would be amazing. One can customize the shape into something special and a signature of Christmas. You can choose a big basket full of vanilla cookies with some beverage sachets of coffee and tea as well. Mostly these cookies contain a topping of powdered sugar. Vanilla crescents are a common and special bakery from Germany. So, it is best to order Christmas cookies delivery to Germany. It will make your beloved’s Christmas even more special.

2) Springerle Cookies

Springerle cookies are in reality a very popular South German biscuit. There is a royal touch on this type of cookie. In this cookie processing, the bakers press the mold into different shape cases. And then there are impressions put on these biscuits of different things. Then the drying takes place. The detailing on top of the biscuits is very detailed. There are varieties of wooden cookie molds that people use for baking these cookies. The outer coating of the cookie is very hard and crunchy. And the inside filling is just surprising and delicious. There are different flavors that one can ask for the filling. The most popular filling is dark chocolate and marshmallow. When the cookie gets baked, the filling gives a chewy taste. Hence the combination of crunchy and chewy at the same time makes it even more special and delicious.

3) Pepper Nuts Cookies

Germany is the motherland of cookies. This is the place where one can find unique and exclusive forms of cookies. Usually, cookies are of sweet qualities. Sometimes, cinnamon essence or spices are added to them. But this is a completely different taste cookie. Varieties of nuts are common in almost all forms of cookie seasoning. But what about the paprika? Yes, this cookie is full of the essence of spicy pepper. Crushed black pepper makes this cookie taste even better. With red wines with hot chocolates, this cookie would taste like magic. Sometimes they have ice sugar coating as well. It is perfect to balance the spiciness with a little sweet flavor. This cookie includes in almost all Christmas gift basket delivery in Germany.

4) Bethmännchen Cookies

People might feel a little confused to hear the name of this cookie. It is rather more popular than German Marzipan cookies. One of the most popular Christmas cookies is the Bethmännchen cookie. It has a 200-year-old cookie recipe. Like the pepper nuts cookies, this cookie is also firm on the outside and chewy on the inside. The most interesting thing about this cookie is the almond studding outlook. A Christmas is just incomplete without these cookies. It is back in the 18th century that a family in Frankfurt first baked this cookie. Such amazing and delicious cookies would make everyone’s Christmas even more special.

5) Heather Sand Cookies

This again is another most popular Christmas cookies in Germany. Heather sand cookies are most popular as the German brown butter shortbread cookies. These cookies contain less baking and more coating. The iced sugar coating gives it an exclusive sand essence. It is an age-old classic German holiday cookie. To make these cookies even more flavorful, one can add different fruit flavors as well. Fruit essence like orange and pineapple goes well with this flavor of cookies. The common name of this cookie is Heidesand cookies. These cookies carry preservatives. So one of the best advantages of this cookie is one can store it longer and enjoy it longer.

6) Cinnamon Stars Cookies

Cinnamon cookies are very popular for the season of Christmas for taste change. Most of the cookies taste sweet inside out. Some nuts and spices give it a contrasting taste. But, these cinnamon star cookies are the spicier ones. It contains the cinnamon essence inside the dough as well as on the cookies. Sometimes to make it a little more decorative, one can add some vanilla crème décor. The vanilla neutralizes the taste of sharp cinnamon spices. Sometimes one can also customize the shape of the cookie in a hangman shape as well. One can also add some whole nuts to each arm of the cookies. This would give a surprising essence to the cookies. Christmas chocolate delivery in Germany gives you the best flavors of these cookies.Christmas celebration without the cookies is just incomplete. Also, gifts resemble the beautiful and long-lasting essence of the celebration. Above are the best chocolate chip cookies to send to your beloveds as Christmas Day gifts. These above gift choices are the best Christmas gifts for anyone of any age. You like to make your beloved’s Christmas the most remarkable one. It is best to send cookies to Germany for Christmas. It will make your beloved’s Christmas the most remarkable one.

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