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Best Practices to Follow While Hiring a Java Developer

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For years now, software developers with expertise in Java have been in high demand in the market. Notwithstanding how long the technology has existed, Java remains incredibly popular. It is still counted as one of the leading programming languages for software developers around the world, with its applications in IoT, mobile, and web development.

The high popularity of Java creates an increasing demand for proficient Java developers. Companies today want to develop high-performing, robust software products. And, it becomes necessary to carefully approach the recruiting and hiring process with utmost care to hire software developers.

To help you improve your recruitment process and avoid being misled by false developers with years of experience and a raft of certificates but certainly not a guarantee of quality, we’ve collected together the best practices for hiring Java developers

  • Look at the right places:

The first question that needs to be answered is, where can one hire a great programmer? LinkedIn turns out to be one of the great places to hire developers. Still, there are online communities and platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, etc., that provide a fair idea about the level of expertise of the participating developers and showcase their technical knowledge. For example, on GitHub, developers are keen on sharing their projects. Hence, it is more likely to assess the quality of their work correctly and whether they are involved in the Java community than on other platforms.

Apart from this, Java hackathons and conferences offer an excellent medium for recruiters to interact with developers personally and grow their network.

  • Writing an accurate job description:

    A good job advertisement is one of the first touchpoints with the candidate. Therefore, you should write it in a way that will interest the individual and encourage them to want to work in your team. You should include all necessary and relevant information about the salary, tech stack, possible forms of cooperation, equipment, tools, project, team, and everything needed from the candidate’s perspective. 

You can seek the opinions of programmers from your team on what type of information is crucial for them or publish an ad on the job board channeled to the IT industry for the potential candidate. This would essentially scale down the screening efforts as candidates having these features will ideally apply to the job.

  • Check Java certifications: 

There are multiple Java certifications that developers usually obtain to validate their understanding and demonstrate their technical ability. Some familiarity with these certifications saves ample time for the recruiter, thereby eliminating less proficient candidates during the preliminary screening.

  • Accurate evaluation of skills to hire dedicated developers: 

The developer should be familiar with JVM, Java frameworks, and tools to write, test, and design Java programs. You must ensure they have a solid understanding of object-oriented features and concepts.

A developer’s expertise and technical competency can be evaluated by setting up technical interviews with the team lead or PM. A practical screening round should also be taken to judge the developer’s coding and debugging skills. This also aids in identifying the quality of code written by the candidate.

  • Check developer portfolio and previous employers’ feedbacks: 

Before hiring developers, you should carefully examine their portfolio to identify the expanse of their work. Always keep an eye out for experience with similar applications. You can also request links to previously built apps to check the features and functionalities. By doing this, you get a good picture of their capabilities and ensure they are the right fit for your project.

Additionally, reviewing their skills to see if they are relevant to your project is a good way to filter out candidates. For instance, if you are looking to hire a Java app developer, you must check if the candidate has experience working with Servlet API JavaServer Pages (JSP), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), JavaServer Faces (JSF), XML, and databases, etc.

Hiring developers is not all about skill and experience. You need to know more about the candidates before selecting them. It is a good idea to check with their previous employers to get insights into the projects they worked on and their working style, as behavior plays a significant role in shortlisting candidates for the interview and eventually getting the job.

How to hire dedicated developers for your company?

Selecting a qualified Java developer can sometimes be a complicated task. It’s usually not enough to add a job listing to the jobs page on the website and wait for applications.

To hire the best core Java software developers for your business as soon as possible, you can implore the services of an outsourcing or talent company. Remember, outsourcing goes beyond just project outsourcing to an external team. Other forms like staff augmentation and hiring one or more consultants for your internal team are also feasible methods.


The demand for hiring Java experts is rapidly increasing among employers as Java is portable and compatible with several platforms. Java supports object-oriented programming syntax with JIT compilation, making it a global programming language that comes in handy in numerous aspects of software development.

It is constantly updated with new features and frameworks, requiring a person with experience in the latest frameworks and libraries. Thereby, the hiring process can be challenging. Various skills and expertise need to be tested depending on the type of profile. You can create a customized job offer to suit your client’s needs, source developers through the right platform, or consider outsourcing developers to meet your hiring needs.

Author Bio – Joy Nwaiwu is a professional content writer with experience developing meaningful, well-articulated content spanning various industry verticals. She is an avid learner and a technology enthusiast with interests ranging from books, environment, and arts.

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