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Care360 vs. NextGen: 2022 In-Depth Comparison

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In this day and age, electronic medical records software has become a commonplace in healthcare businesses of all sizes and types. These technology-driven tools help practices efficiently meet the needs of patients, providers, and staff members. Practitioners can streamline their clinical workflows to process and transfer information in real-time without having to flip through paper charts.

Care360 and NextGen stand out as two of the most popular EMR software on the market. They boast extensive features that make them viable options for different medical specialties. But how exactly do they compare? Which is the best fit for your healthcare business?

Both EMR tools differ from each other in various aspects and the ways they differ will help you shape your decision on Care360 EMR vs. NextGen EMR. Here we have done all the work for you, so you just have to keep reading to see how these two medical software applications stack up against each other in terms of features, cost, and overall design. Let’s take a look.

Care30 EMR vs. NextGen EMR: An Overview

Care360 EMR software, now known as Quantum, offers a robust suite of solutions to help providers improve workflow efficiency and deliver the best patient care possible. As a flexible, cloud-based solution that can support healthcare businesses of all sizes, this EMR platform simplifies the complex process of managing patient care, digital files, and health data. It also allows for benchmarking and tracking of clinical quality measures. Care360 EMR reviews confirm that physicians can access real-time scorecards to identify and evaluate improvement opportunities. In addition to this, the software empowers them with its intuitive interface so that they can transition their clinical workflows securely, seamlessly, and accurately.

NextGen EMR Software is a premier electronic health recording solution that offers a comprehensive suite of features for ambulatory practices of all sizes. This scalable platform works perfectly for both small and enterprise-level healthcare providers. It lets users efficiently deal with complex patient matters so that they can provide quality care. In addition to streamlining daily clinical and administrative operations, the software allows physicians to stay on top of patient needs while increasing practice revenue. NextGen EMR also complies with Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) requirements. Physicians all around the globe rely on this platform to meet the varying needs of their healthcare business at all stages of growth. Overall, it’s designed to make things easier for back-office managers, healthcare providers, and clinicians. Book NextGen EMR demo to learn more about its functionalities.

A Comparison of Features

Care360 and NextGen medical software are two top-rated EMR platforms in a market full of variations. Both offer functionalities to help healthcare professionals automate clinical workflows and improve care outcomes, but there are a few distinct differences in their features that you should consider before picking a software that will become your go-to tool. Let’s get into them now!

Care360 Salient Features

Care360 EMR reviews confirm that the software offers powerful features for improved clinical efficiency and workflow automation:

E-Prescribing: The software allows physicians to order and renew prescriptions from anywhere. It also helps them manage patient insurance coverage, eligibility, and copay information,

Patient Portal: MyQuest patient portal app makes it easier for patients and physicians to connect with one another and deal with a variety of practice tasks electronically. Patients can use this feature for tasks like viewing lab results, tracking their health, sharing medical information with providers, etc. Care360 EMR reviews also vouch for the fact that this feature helps patients participate more actively throughout their care process.

Robust Reporting: Care360 includes robust reporting capabilities that are always ready to set physicians on the road to generate effective medical history, laboratory, billing, and other business-related reports.

Practice Management: The practice management solutions help providers streamline day-to-day administrative, clinical, and billing operations so that they can improve their practice’s operational efficiency.

NextGen EMR Salient Features

NextGen Medical Software comes with a variety of robust features. Here we have shortlisted the ones that have received perfect-starred reviews from its users:

Clinical Notes: NextGen EMR software takes care of the clinical side of a healthcare business by providing custom clinical notes for medical experts. It offers a powerful content engine and a whole library of custom templates to streamline the patient documentation process.

Patient Portal: The patient portal feature is lauded by users for improving patient engagement and offering a multitude of tools that let patients participate actively during their care process. This feature allows them to request prescription refills, schedule appointments, make payments, communicate with providers, access lab results, and get follow-up notifications over the internet.

Claims Management: NextGen empowers you to simplify the entire billing process, which includes insurance verification, automated billing statements,  scrubbing claims of errors, and more.

E-Prescribing: This EMR tool comes with  a comprehensive database of drug interactions, side effects, and support tools. It automatically notifies users in case of any potential medication interaction or allergies.

Pricing Comparison

  • Care360 EMR pricing starts at $250 per user per month. The vendor offers flexible pricing plans that are ideal for small healthcare facilities.
  • NextGen EMR pricing ranges from $299 to $549 per provider per month. The software is cost-effective and offers robust functionalities to its users.

Wrapping Up

Picking a new electronic medical records software is a big move, and you should conduct due diligence to make the most informed decision. Care360 and NextGen are high-quality electronic medical records (EMR) platforms that support comprehensive suites of features. Both offer top-notch functionalities for clinical documentation, workflow automation, patient health record management, and RCM. However, it is important to note that both EMR tools have unique strengths and weaknesses and might be beneficial for different audience segments. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your business requirements and preferred workflows. We highly recommend that you read through user reviews and study Care360 EMR vs. NextGen EMR comparisons before arriving at a decision.




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