Today, employee theft accounts for $8.5 billion annually in retail stores and warehouses. Because of this, business owners realize the importance of installing a USB3 Camera to monitor and prevent theft, especially considering that close to 30% of business failures are due to poor practices.

There are countless options when choosing a USB3 Camera to protect your business from theft, whether from employees or customers. USB3 Vision Camera comes in high-resolution machine vision lenses: standard and custom lenses.

Hidden Or Visible Cameras

One of the first options to consider is whether you want the USB3 Camera to be visible. The advantage of a hidden camera is that the individual will not know they are being recorded. Hidden cameras are usually more expensive than visible cameras. If you are looking for a USB3 camera for an outdoor location, they are usually embedded in an electrical box or floodlight. Visible cameras can be disguised behind a dome, as is done in many retail locations.

Wired and wireless cameras come with advantages and disadvantages. A wireless will not require any cables to be run. Wireless cameras are also advantageous for business owners who own multiple locations or buildings. Wireless cameras require the need to purchase a receiver and transmitter where a wired camera will connect directly to the camera monitoring system.

USB3 Vision Camera carries analog video sent over a video cable to a monitoring location. A network IP camera works over a local area network (LAN) and is a mini computer system with its own Internet Protocol address that can be controlled from remote locations. The video quality is usually better.

The physical location of the cameras must withstand the function in sometimes less than ideal conditions.

USB3 Vision Camera capture images used in barcode scanners, in night vision systems ranging from cameras to goggles, robotic vision, and more.

How To Find The Best Resolution USB3 Vision Camera

Without a doubt, the resolution and focal length of the USB3 Camera will determine the quantity and quality of the data we capture with the images or videos. That is why we are going to dwell a little more on this point.

We usually relate it to the parameters FOV and IFOV, the entire field of view and instantaneous field of view, respectively.

As a note, just point out that the FOV indicates the total area that we can observe with an image, and the IFOV, the individual “vision” of each of the elements of the detector. With a higher resolution, we will cover more area, saving resources; with a lower resolution, we will need more images to cover the same area.

Although logically, the higher the resolution, the better the base situation. We must be aware that the type of objective will determine the suitability of one lens or another. We must distinguish it correctly, but that is not enough for us.

As we have mentioned, a USB3 Vision Camera provides us with a specific field of view. And as a fundamental element to distinguish whether or not our Camera is going to be adequate, it is essential to know the IFOV.

But For Practical Purposes, What Does This Result Of The IFOV Imply?

Well, it’s simple. The result tells us the distance we can see in detail at a distance of one meter. Calculate by selecting several lenses with the exact spatial resolution that with cameras with smaller lens angles, we can distinguish smaller targets, but distinguishing is not measuring, mind you.This is where the measurement resolution comes in. the minimum size that our objective must have so that it can be measured reliably with our USB3 Camera.

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