Many people were surprised by the phenomenal rise of NFTs over the past few years, but experts and enthusiasts have long believed in the potential of the blockchain space sector. Just a few months ago, the most expensive NFT ever sold was purchased for a staggering $91.8 million. Additionally, several others are available on the market for millions of dollars. More investors were drawn to the domain as a result of the meteoric rise in interest. However, the widespread use of NFTs was significantly hampered by the absence of trustworthy marketplaces. Another major deterrent was the high transaction fee associated with the few options that appeared trustworthy. In addition, most decentralized NFT marketplaces lack a user-friendly interface and are frequently regarded as a little bit too complicated by new users.

With this, Rex Teo founded Upstairs, which is a brand-new industry blockchain platform. It has recently developed a base technology and platform accessible to the general public and offers credible utility. A layer 2 platform that can cross domain into both the Ethereum and BNB Chain.

Rex Teo, a new Fintech giant, has a humble background

Upstairs‘ CEO and co-founder, Rex Teo, is a blockchain developer, entrepreneur, and creator of NFT. He has gained an enormous number of followers in just a few months on both personal and business accounts combined, making him a rising star in the NFT field.

Rex Teo, born in the USA, is currently staying in Singapore. He is enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. As a result, he started the well-known Mutant Ape Kids Club (MAKC) and the Bored Ape Teen Club (BATC) as his first blockchain projects. MAKC became the leading authority in NFT development and project management in Southeast Asia and Singapore thanks to Rex Teo’s consistent hard work and innovative strategies. The company also reached the Top 500 All-Time in the global ranking and generated more than 15 million USD in sales volume.

Teo is one of Asia’s most prominent NFT creators, and he has amassed an enormous number of people who follow his every move in the blockchain industry. His social media has been a one-stop place for young investors and creators to learn about NFT and blockchain.

The fact that Rex always strives to create something novel and distinct each time is what makes his work and accomplishments so unique. He stated, “I don’t try to be like someone else, and everything I do has to be above the market’s standard.” Rex got his creative style from anime, video games, and western pop culture. His work has elements of both Eastern and Western influences. He stated, “I’m not just doing one thing, but trying to blend multiple elements together which allows community of different background to come together as one “

Upstairs NFT Marketplace

Upstairs is Rex’s prize possession, where he created an amazing marketplace for NFTs that selects for you only the most exclusive, useful, and reputable NFTs. Making sure users have the best experience is its top priority. User interfaces that are sleek and easy to understand, zero gas fee and an easy email sign-in process that makes browsing and trading simple.

A group of top industry professionals, blockchain veterans, and engineers are in support for the development and operations of Upstairs. The company’s primary focus is on providing the most carefully curated digital collections at the lowest possible prices, as well as bridging the gap between Web 3 and Web 2. To him, “Upstairs user interface is just like Amazon, but we focus on selling digital collectibles.”

His take on blockchains

It is abundantly clear that the majority of people working in the blockchain field have distinct approaches to the blockchain; what we must do is work together. This is essential for the growth of the blockchain irrespective of the stablecoins, Defi, Lending Protocol, NFT, exchange, or other services it provides. While we all desire individual progress, the future is moving forward by combining a wide range of financial services through blockchain.

What makes him an NFT giant of the coming future?

For several years, Rex Teo has been following blockchain and cryptocurrency. He spends his time investigating and attempting to understand the potential applications of these technologies. He believes that they will affect everything from finance to healthcare to business and more. They can be used for everything from voting to managing people’s identities and running elections. In peer-to-peer economies, they can also be utilized as tools. Rex thinks that using this technology will open up a lot of doors. He understands how blockchain works and how it could be used due to his excellent programming background. Decentralized identity management is the first example he uses, where individuals use the system to create their digital ID, which is recognized by any business or institution worldwide.

The ambitious entrepreneur is particularly interested in the crypto and blockchain industries. He is intrigued by cryptocurrency due to his knowledge of coding and believes that it has enormous potential for the future. The world would be unrecognizable without Bitcoin. He likewise talked about the significance of building a decentralized biological system that is difficult to obliterate.

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