A typical desert safari in Dubai perfectly synthesizes the great outdoors, life experience. And fascinating insights into local culture and customs. The people on their desert adventure can look forward to the company. Nonetheless, there will be a range of possibilities to consider based on the Dubai desert tours they choose. 

A desert safari is a thrilling and exciting way to celebrate and learn about the local culture. And it is also a very enjoyable experience in and of itself. Tourism to Dubai is fueled partly by attractions like the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina and the Desert Safari Dubai, which draw visitors worldwide. 


Desert Safari Dubai 

The desert safari is the pinnacle of Dubai tourism because it is the best way to experience the city’s vibe. Culturally rich and offering a wide variety of adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, one’s time here is truly one to savour. Dubai’s Desert Safari at night is where the city’s most dramatic and glamorous action happens. So here you with a perfect way to cap off a day of sightseeing. 

Morning, evening, and even overnight safaris are all viable options. There are wonderful safaris, extreme adventure safaris, and group safaris to choose from. 

The city is not only a home to some of the most beautiful deserts, but also offers fantastic & thrilling desert safari deals.  Plan your trip with a trustworthy company, like Oasis Palm Tourism, Dubai, which provides a wonderful desert safari. 

Desert Campsite Activities 


Dinner at dhow cruise

Dhow boat tours typically feature a delicious meal so passengers can kick back and enjoy the journey while eating. A wide & delicious spread of food items bounds everyone to find at least one dish they appreciate. Naturally, two of the best parts of a dhow ride are relaxing and soaking in the scenery. If you delight in lounging on the deck or dining in the dining room, you’ll have a fantastic time on your dhow cruise tour. 

Music & decks 

Your guaranteed quality time will be enhanced by the presence of music, which satisfies a desire in everyone’s psyche. When it comes to today’s youth, a party or other form of entertainment that doesn’t feature music is quaint and makes little sense. It has become a universal indicator of high-quality entertainment. 

The soothing music playing in the background is designed to put you in the mood to do some serious thinking. Here, you may choose between two different decks, the lower of which is equipped with air conditioning and the higher of which has a breeze that will refresh you. 

Belly Dancing 

Most visitors to Abu Dhabi book the belly dancing safari, which begins with a pickup at their hotel at 2:45 pm in a 4×4 vehicle and ends with a performance by local belly dancers. Upon arriving in the desert, guests partake in thrilling adventure activities before settling in for a night of cultural performances (featuring belly dancing) and a BBQ feast. 

Because of its significance in Emirati culture, visitors to Dubai often seek out belly dance shows. 

Booking a desert safari that features belly dancing is a great opportunity to experience this traditional Arab dance. 

Dune Bashing 

The best pictures can be taken during the Evening Desert Safari when the setting sun provides a breathtaking backdrop. Adventurous & amusing activities like dune bashing and hot air balloon rides are also included so tourists can make the most of the twilight hours. 

The greatest way to see the Arabian desert in its raw form is by dune-bashing with Dubai Sand Safari. The highlight of the excursion is an exciting 30-minute jeep ride across massive dunes in the desert at varying speeds. Away from the glamour of Dubai’s urban life, dune bashing provides an unparalleled experience for adventure seekers. 

Henna art and shopping

As entertainment, henna tattooing is frequently offered on dhow cruises. It’s a great time and a special memento to take home from your journey. If you prefer shopping, you’ll be happy to know that most dhow cruise cruises provide a retail area. 

A variety of souvenirs and presents are available for purchase here. Whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself or a loved one, you can find it in the shopping center. 

Live concerts

Here, a Dhow cruise is the best bet for a full evening of fun. Several performances can be seen during the dhow trip. It’s safe to say that Tanoura dances are the most popular type of show. They get there by sailing on a Dhow. 

Not only is there a Tanoura show, but there are also puppet shows, musical acts, and dances. Music is played on the dhow voyage, and a DJ performance can be arranged if desired. Hindi, English, and Urdu are the top three most popular languages for musical expression. 

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

One of Dubai’s most popular pastimes is cruising the canals on a traditional wooden boat called a “Dhow,” where one can enjoy delicious food and music. Tourists and locals alike will never forget their first dhow boat ride.

Traditional wooden dhows have been renovated into floating restaurants, and visitors to Dubai may dine while they cruise. They make the beautiful artificial Dubai Marina water body at night look like thousands of lights adrift in the ocean. 

 Dhows are classic sailing ships operating in the Gulf for centuries. Their slanted bows and lightweight lateen sails make for a novel way to get to know the area. On a dhow tour, you can swim, fish, and take in the beautiful scenery while learning about the region’s history and culture. 

Desert Skiing  

Skiing in the desert is a must if you’re in Dubai. It not only provides a welcome diversion from the monotony of daily life, but also fills you with an extraordinary surge of energy and enthusiasm. There’s a wide variety of exciting things to do in Dubai, but two of the best are sand boarding in the desert and desert skiing in the Dubai Desert.

Stress will melt away as you skate over Dubai’s gorgeous sand dunes. Strapping your feet to a snowboard and gliding over the sand dunes while taking in the serene scenery of the desert is a common way to spend a day. 

Camel Ride 

A camel ride through the desert on the Dubai Morning Desert Safari is a great way to see some local species. Camel rides through the desert are popular among tourists because of the peaceful atmosphere and the opportunity to reflect while taking in the sensation of the wind on one’s skin. 

A 45- to 60-minute camel ride will get you close to the falcon show. The falcon on your arm makes for a great photo op, so be sure to do it if you’re a tourist. 

Final Note:

In conclusion, a desert safari and Dhow sail through Dubai is an opportunity not to be missed under any circumstances. Spectators come from around the world to see these two attractions in Dubai. 

Having read this, you should have a much better idea of why you should visit Dubai. We recommend that you take advantage of Al Wasl Dhow, Dubai, and Oasis Palm Tourism, Dubai, two of the city’s finest offerings, so that you may have the experience to remember. 


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