We live in a very fast-paced world dominated by technology. We barely get time for ourselves. And physical health is massively ignored. Processed foods and technology-dependent lifestyles have resulted in a significant rise in many health-related issues. Obesity is one of the major health concerns in America. Health specialists call obesity an epidemic and blame technology for its prevalence.

How about you use technology to resolve the issue? You can develop a health and fitness app to ensure people maintain a healthier lifestyle to avoid such health issues.

How to develop an app from scratch?

Here is how you can develop an app from scratch:

1.      Plan

Dig deeper into the services required by the people through research. Analyze the issues leading to health issues; it is the unhealthy diet of the people, or is it the lack of physical exercise, or is it simply negligence of some already existing health issues such as diabetes.

You may want to reflect upon what sort of health and fitness are already available in the targeted region. This would enable you to conduct a gap analysis and, thus, decide what you would like to include in your software.

Look at the list of best health and fitness apps for ideas.

2.      Determine your budget

Make a budget depending on the range of services you aim to provide. Since it is a fitness app, you may need to hire health professionals to ensure good quality service is provided to the customers. Therefore, you may need more investment.

You can discuss the cost with your mobile app development service. They may also help you come up with reliable cost-cutting measures.

Smartly allocate a section of your budget to each of the processes that will be involved.

3.      Document your Requirements

Lay out your list of requirements. Include the following:

  • Project Timeline
  • Budget
  • Purpose – services, and features
  • Design preferences
  • Targeted audience’s demographics
  • Operating System/s

4.      Hire Developers

Once your requirements are sorted, you must hire a mobile app development Dallas company. While some people hire designers and full-stack developers, it is recommended that you hire a mobile app development service to handle all the app development processes for you, including:

  • App Designing
  • Programming
  • Quality assurance and software testing
  • Launching and maintaining the software

Make sure you communicate all of your requirements to the mobile app development service.

5.      Get professional fitness trainers and health workers on board

Health and fitness is something extremely sensitive and often highly vulnerable. So, you cannot take any risk. If you do not have the expertise, you need to take professional suggestions from qualified individuals. Their opinions should not only be incorporated into the app design, but they should also be taken on board as official advisors. You can either hire them as salary-based advisors, or you can make them your stakeholder, depending upon whatever suits you.

6.      Excellent Marketing

Alongside software development, you need to invest in the development of an effective marketing strategy and its implementation. Marketing would ensure that the app’s awareness reaches the right people.

Some mobile app development Dallas companies also offer digital marketing, making app development even easier for you.

7.      Software Testing

Before launching your app, make sure it has gone through multiple tests to ensure the software is:

  • Bug-free
  • Compatible
  • Functional
  • Well-performing

All good mobile app development services offer quality assurance services as well.

8.      App Maintenance

You need to constantly monitor and maintain the software to ensure your app continues to dominate the market. Certain KPIs used to determine software performance are:

  • Uninstall rate
  • App reviews
  • Retention rate
  • Monthly active users
  • Daily active users

Through these KPIs, you may determine if your app needs to improve or not. Nonetheless, you should improve the app whenever there is an update in the operating system to make sure your software remains compatible with the device. In the longer run, you should update your app to scale your business and introduce better and more useful features. The best mobile app development Dallas agencies also offer software maintenance services.

9.      Monitor data management and data security

Make sure the data provided by the users remain safe because the inability to protect customers’ data will prevent people from trusting your app, and thus, they won’t use it.

Responsible mobile app development Dallas companies make sure they follow all data security protocols while developing the software.

Features of a Health and Fitness App

A health and fitness app is often very customer-centric. Consequently, it is recommended that you include the following features in your software:

  • Motivate the users to take care of their health through interactive, motivational content
  • Offer personalized plans and solutions for people going through different health conditions (For example; pregnant women, heart patients, and diabetes patients should not be treated like everyone else)
  • You can also enable the customers to interact and discuss their health care routine.
  • Exercise groups can be made for people that want to work out with other people
  • Remind customers to care for their health through automated notifications or custom alarms
  • Allow users to take professional advice regarding their health conditions; for this, you will be required to take some professional health workers on board.

How will you benefit from this app?

Such software would be based on the needs of the people. You will be providing a service people are willing to avail. If you market it professionally and establish trust among the users, users will subscribe to your software. You can also charge customers for one-on-one communication with professionals or for personalized health plans.

Once you have a well-establish consumer base, you can also earn from advertising. An interesting way of going about this would be collaborating with gyms and health care centers. Your software will tell the users about the nearest gym or clinic, and you can charge a commission from the gym owners and clinic owners for providing them with more customers.

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