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Discover 5 Manifestation Jewellery Pieces To Manifest Desires & Goals Through

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Manifestation is all the rage nowadays. It’s sort of similar to magic where you conjure up stuff but manifestation is more of an internal process. For manifestation, you need to know who you are. Karma and Luck’s jewellery is here to do just that. Don’t just dream it, manifest it! Get your manifestation jewellery today which will help you make your dreams come true. This article talks about 5 striking and luxurious manifestation jewellery pieces that are a must-have for a wholesome impact. Don’t forget to check out the Karma and Luck website to purchase these gorgeous pieces. 

5 Magical, Fabulous & Authentic Manifestation Jewellery Pieces

Black Onyx Heishi Mantra Bracelet

This gorgeous and stunning black onyx hematite bracelet is a stunning bracelet that is known to have supreme manifestation powers. The bracelet is able to boost your confidence and your self-esteem to make you have a firm belief that whatever you desire is indeed true and coming to reality. This stunning bracelet has black onyx which is known to provide direction and provide determination to anyone who has lost hope.

 The bracelet itself has 4 mm black onyx heishi beads that are known to have powers such as endurance, perseverance and lastly grounding powers. It also consists of 4 mm of mantra charms that are known to have powers that protect the mind, aid in concentration and lastly give you spiritual energy. The bracelet itself is made from 925 sterling silver and is made in Bali, Indonesia.

Hematite Men’s Bundle

This stunning bundle is a grounding vibes hematite mend bundle that is grounded in healing all our spirits and restoring them to make them open to receiving. This bundle contains a hematite macrame bracelet which is known for its grounding force which further contains an OM charm which is for serenity, Hamsa hand charm for protection, an evil eye charm that is known to deflect negativity, hematite stones which are known for calming, grounding and focus, antique bronze tubes and an adjustable drawstring closure. 

Moreover, this bundle contains a jade hematite dragon charm bracelet which contains a dragon charm for courage and power, hematite stone for centering the soul and for focus, jade stone for abundance and prosperity and the bracket is made from 925 sterling silver and is 18k gold plated. 

 The last thing in this bundle is the thought stabilised hematite Feng Shui tree which has a tree of life symbol known for growth and fertility powers, hematite leaves for focus, hand wrapped copper wire and an agate jade for balancing, grounding and harmony. The bundle contains three main stones hematite, jade stone and agate which are used in manifestation. 

Silver Vertical Tube Mantra Bracelet

This product is a gorgeous bracelet made up of 925 sterling silver with 7mm mantra tubes that are known to have powers for mind protection, concentration and spiritual energy. Moreover, this product is known to be harmonious with the life of inner peace which is the easiest type of existence and is stress-free. 

This bracelet is known as the deep thought silver vertical tube bracelet which is a perfect way to set reminders for all the things you aim to achieve and since it’s on the wrist it is easily visible and provides sudden bursts of motivation for you to succeed. This is an insanely convincing tool to pursue an active life and ensure that you manifest your desires. 

Pyrite Multi-Stone Luck Bracelet

This beautiful pyrite multi-stone luck bracelet is the perfect addition to your gemstone collection. This bracelet is known as the energy of success bracelet and it has the fiercest gemstone known as the pyrite in it. This bracelet is known to be an energy booster since it contains pyrite stones which are commonly associated with bringing in wealth, success and protection. The bracelet contains multi beaded stones which ignite a fiery passion and desire within your heart. 

There are several benefits of pyrite and pyrite bracelets. This stunning gemstone is commonly associated with the solar plexus chakra and is normally used to increase, enhance and improve strength, energy, confidence and willpower. This stone is known as an abundance stone that encourages wealth, good fortune, prosperity and success. This stone wards away any negative energy and eliminates all evil eyes and negative vibes from you.

Rose Gold Plated Sutra Bracelet

This gorgeous rose gold bracelet contains 7 mm mantra barrel charms which help in mind protection, concentration and spiritual energy. This bracelet is 18k rose gold plated which is a perfect way to set reminders for things you intend to achieve. This tool is perfect for manifestation and it is perfect for pursuing an active life. This bracelet is a perfect accessory for all gemstone lovers. The rose gold bracelet is a gorgeous blush pink colour which is a luxurious accessory and is a must-have for all jewellery lovers.

This product has several benefits and has a historic origin. This beautiful gemstone is said to be used in Russia in the early 1800s by royal families and had become very popular in the 19th century. This beautiful gemstone is now used all over the world and is very popular due to its gorgeous colour and is the best metal for every single skin tone. 

Get Your Hands on These Manifestation Jewellery Pieces:

I’m sure by now you’re already checking out these beautiful manifestation jewellery pieces and you’re adding them to your cart. As shocking as it sounds, setting your intentions on something or radiating the energy you want to attract is the art of manifestation which is very true and realistic. The law of attraction is mainly concerned with radiating positive energy and remaining positive to attract the same energy. 

If you’re fascinated by the art of manifestation or you want to try it out, do check out the karma and luck website to buy these intricate and magical manifestation jewellery pieces.


Start Your Journey Here: 


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