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eCommerce Web Hosting Companies

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As the eCommerce industry has been booming for the last couple of years, leaders have understood how vital the role of hosting providers is. Since the term eCommerce rolled into the market, the physical stores and brick-and-mortar models have been experiencing a significant shift.

Likewise, consumers have witnessed a shift in shopping experiences since the market structure has reformed. But did you know that the eCommerce giants do not run independently? Web hosting enables them to buy and sell goods and services. To simplify the term, let’s take a look at what that is and how that works.

What Is Ecommerce Web Hosting?

In layman’s terms, eCommerce web hosting is nothing but when a company gets resources to run its business online. For example, you have established your website but are unaware of the methods of collecting payments, providing tracking details, collecting orders, checking up on the stocks, etc.

ECommerce hosts take care of your needs after you have created your website by providing space on their server. At times, you can also be given complete control over the server. Thus, choosing the best hosting provider for your company is vital as it is the doorway to your company’s only storefront in this digital era.

How Do You Choose The Best Web Hosting Provider?

Before you join the bandwagon, the following steps you must keep in mind-

  1. Type– Well, the kind of hosting provider you need depends upon how technical you are and what your requirements are. There are various types of web hosting, including VPS hosting, managed-to-host, shared hosting, etc.
  2. Server location– Server location matters a lot when choosing web host providers, as you have to pick the data centre of your choice to boost the performance of your website. Other than these factors, you have to keep in mind that occupied themes and large scripts may also affect your website’s speed.
  3. Security– This is the most essential point that you should never compromise with. Parameters like considering high security, demanding SSL certificates, and seeking the suitable measures at times of vulnerability by the user, must be granted by a decent hosting provider at any point in time.
  4. Support– Now, when we talk about ‘any point of time,’ the providers are expected to serve you for your needs irrespective of the conditions and time zones. But how will that happen? Of course, a strong customer support team will be required to attend to you through live chat, email, telephone, and 24×7 service. You surely won’t like to lose a bomb for technical glitches or a DNS attack for petty communications, will you?
  5. Features– You must check what you are paying for, e.g., what the web hosting company is offering, and if it is worth the amount they are asking for. Software installations, storage, bandwidth, multiple domain hosting, and scalability are a few features you must look for before investing.

You must weigh all the pros and cons before opting for your eCommerce platform’s lifeline.


  1. Doesn’t require you to be a technical geek– Do you feel the need to know how to drive a train before you hop onto it? The web hosting mechanism works just like that. You don’t need specific technical skills to run your website under the server.
  2. Security aspect– Self-hosting sites are vulnerable, and you are liable for security issues and unsecured payment gateways. At the same time, if you allow a web hosting company to take over, you will have much less stress regarding payment processing, customer privacy, providing security, etc.
  3. Zero maintenance– When it comes to hosted eCommerce platforms, all you have to do is get started with one of them, and they will come up with the best tools and resources your site may require. Other than that, regular maintenance will also be taken care of.
  4. Quick fixing if anything goes wrong– Since it is a centralized service, if any problem occurs on your site, a professional is always there to diagnose and fix software issues.

Web hosting


Research conducted by findstack found that most users chose Wix as their ecommerce webhosting providers.


  1. Price point– Hosted sites are expensive for all the right reasons. If you have a tight budget, running the business on your own rather than opting for substandard alternatives is better. The package depends on the features they offer and the resources you will get, plus the variable price also depends upon the growing business volume.
  2. Lesser control– When it comes to hosted websites, you will naturally have to work with the themes and templates offered by the third party. This also signifies you will have less freedom to customize the features, add build plugins, and choose a unique customer experience.
  3. Lesser flexibility– With hosted sites, you will not be able to have the freedom to move around. If you switch platforms, the deal often costs a whopping amount of effort and time.

It is difficult to choose between self-hosted and hosted e-commerce sites; both come with a great deal. Of course, your choice will impact your eCommerce business, and we can conclude that self-hosted sites require more technical knowledge, undivided attention, and skills. In contrast, hosted sites are hassle-free and come with excellent security and a reasonable price.

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