Instagram Live shopping is basically the practice of selling products on live and shopping. Viewers will be able to buy the products you are promoting without leaving the app. This feature of Instagram will let all the business accounts tag products from their Instagram Shop and then display the same while the live stream is on. Live shopping has already made bigger over the past few years and you can get a lot of benefits out of Instagram Live Shopping. Today, we are going to talk about everything that you must know regarding live shopping on Instagram.

What You Can Do With Live Shopping On Instagram?

1. Collaborate with other creators

You can easily collaborate with other brands as well as creators to do live streams. It will not only drive your sales but will be a great opportunity to showcase your product collaborations.

2. Educated your followers

By doing a live stream, you will be able to share recommendations as well as reviews. You can further do a product demo or you can answer questions to help out your customers and let them build confidence that they are investing in the right products for themselves.

3. Showcase new products

A great way to showcase your products is by doing a live stream. You can share all the latest updates about your brand and that will generate real-time demand.

How Can You Set Up Instagram Live Shopping?

Before you start with Insta live shopping, you must have a product catalog and insta shop ready. And once you are having products in the system, this is what you need to follow:

  • Click on the camera icon right at the top corner
  • Toggle to live which you can see right at the screen’s bottom
  • Now select the “shopping” option
  • Choose the collection or products you want to feature
  • Select the broadcast button if you want to go live
  • Once you are streaming, you can easily pin one single product at a time to your screen

Features Of Instagram Live Shopping

Now with the release of Live Shopping, Instagram comes with a totally integrated shopping experience. It will make things easier for you to drive sales and the customers will be able to shop for their favorite brands. Here are some of the best features of Instagram Live Shopping that will make it more impactful.

1. Multiple Hosts

If you want to get more views on your Instagram live, you can try leveraging a partner brand or influencer’s following as well as invite other cohosts so that they can join the live stream. You can use the Live Rooms feature and invite around three creators or brands to the live stream. This will give you better viewers and will gain more engagement.

To use this feature, you should start the live stream and then choose the Rooms option. Click on the co-hosts and then tap invite. It is the perfect way to make your profile reach a large audience and make yourself popular. There are some ways that you can use to attract brands and get more deals for your profile. The only thing you need to do is increase IG live viewers for your profile and with this step more people like to connect with you. You can increase with help of paid social media marketing services as per your need.

2. Video Customization

In case, you think your video is looking a little dull or bland, and you want to spice it up, then you can use face filters, question stickers, effects, as well as other custom content. Instagram comes with several presets to select from and you will have the option to design one for your own branded content and then upload it to your Live settings.

3. Audience Interaction

Talking about the e-commerce business, it is very essential to know that your customers are not numbers but people. Hence, without any interaction, it is quite obvious for them to not have trust in your brand.

Fortunately, Instagram Live Shopping comes with real-time engagement with your potential customers. While you are broadcasting, viewers will be able to ask questions and make comments throughout the video and you will have the option to pin them to the screen for others to watch.

You can involve the viewers in the live stream and ask them to give feedback, and make them feel seen as well as heard. This way you will gain faith and customer reliability.

4. Use Still Images and Videos

To showcase the products you have in action, Instagram Live will allow you to share still images along with videos on screen while doing the broadcast. In fact, you will be able to upload several videos as well as play a slideshow just like a visual experience throughout your entire live stream.

Hence, if you want to talk about a featured product, you must overlay a video or an image and allow the viewers to visualize the product in their day-to-day life.

  1. Product Launch

With Instagram Live, you will have the option to tag products as well as build awareness around all the new launches that will be available pretty soon. Talking about live shopping, users will be able to set reminders for all the products that are to be launched soon.

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