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Features You Can’t Neglect When Buying A New Smartphone

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A smartphone is not a one-time investment. And each time you decide on replacing your older model, it becomes challenging to figure out which one to buy. You get both low-tier models and high-end beasts in this recent smartphone market.

A smartphone is a handheld electronic device that provides a connection to a cellular network and the internet. The world’s first smartphone was created by IBM in 1994, nicknamed Simon.

A mobile phone and a smartphone are both mobile devices you can use to call and send texts. That’s about where a mobile phone stops, too, though some also feature a camera. A smartphone has all kinds of extra functionalities, like Internet access, the option of downloading apps, and a camera

Given that smartphones are an integral part of your daily life, you must select a variant with the right features. To learn those features in a nutshell, let’s not further waste time and continue reading on.

#1 ROM & RAM

Phones comprise two types of memory. While the first is RAM, the other is ROM. RAM is the speed of a smartphone and apps that it can install in the in-built storage system. On the contrary, ROM is the internal storage where photos, videos, and others get stored. 

It’s better to opt for a larger storage capacity. The best example would be either 6GB or 8GB of RAM & 128GB or 256GB of ROM or storage. Nonetheless, even 3/4 GB RAM & 32/64 GB ROM serve you well.

#2 Battery Life

A phone that does not serve you excellent battery life is not something to opt for. Remember, a phone’s battery longevity is a quintessential parameter to consider before buying. The battery use may differ for each user because it depends on the ways how a customer uses the smartphone. If you play a lot of graphic-intensive games and stream videos, opt for a 4000mAh battery. For instance, you can buy a Huawei phone.

#3 Camera Features

A lot of customers use a high-end mobile phone only because of its camera features. And did you know some mobile photographers rely on the smartphone camera to shoot surreal photographs? So, buyers who intend to use the mobile camera more often must consider these factors:

  • Number of cameras
  • Aperture Size
  • Number of megapixels
  • Optical stabilization
  • Manual modes
  • Hybrid autofocus 
  • Special effects
  • Unique selfie feature and more

The higher number of megapixels doesn’t create an excellent picture. So, you must also consider other camera features such as ISO, etc.

#4 Display & Design Philosophy

A mobile gamer must buy a phone with a minimum of 6.0 inches display. Also, note what’s new in trend (for instance, high refresh rate displays are new currently). As a businessman who wishes to use the phone for social media marketing, a smaller screen may work. Select one of these two features: AMOLED and LCD. The difference between them is in the light projection. You can also opt for Full-HD, QHD resolution, or FullHD+.

#5 Hardware & Processor

The process is the most significant part of a device. After all, it manages the device’s performance. For processors, there are jargons such as Quad-Core, Dual-Core, Snapdragon, Octa-Core, Mediatek, and more. Before purchasing a new phone, you must look at the processor’s speed in terms of GHz. Remember, the higher the value, the faster its speed will be.

Note that Qualcomm Snapdragon processors offer a better performance ratio. So, choose phones that run on Snapdragon processors.

With these things covered, you will be able to choose the right smartphone for your purpose. If you want to stick to your budget, some brands work on producing budget-friendly smartphones. You can find exciting mobile offer and discounts online. 


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