There is a common misconception that flooding only occurs in places surrounding large bodies of water or below sea level. In reality, flooding results from a number of causes and can affect any home or facility at any moment. Below we share with you some measures you can take in order to avoid a costly water damage restoration due to flooding issues. To obtain additional information (Home And Business Flooding), check out our website.

When flooding (Home And Business Flooding) occurs in your business, it most likely results in damaged materials and work tools that might represent a loss and further investment in water restoration. Don’t forget that the number one priority in any situation of this kind is your own safety and the safety of the people who gather in your property. 

When making use of water damage restoration services you need to make sure that your home or facility has been properly evacuated. Find a secure location where your family or customers, employees and other people can stay away from the flooded area. Do not go back to your property unless you are completely certain that there is no risk. Flooding may compromise the integrity of the structure of a building even when it looks solid and sturdy. 

Another important risk in floods is electricity. If the main power hasn’t been disconnected, there is an added risk of an electrical shock. Experts in water restoration know what precautions must be taken according to the potential causes of the flooding. Among the most common sources of flooding are:


Currently, there has been a significant increase in calls for water damage restoration due to severe weather conditions, and it has been observed that flash floods are becoming more problematic. Typically, residents have some warning time to prepare  for large storms and long rains, however, occasionally storms can form fast and bring vast amounts of water in a short timeframe, causing a flash flood. 

In recent years, the problem of flash flooding has grown across the state and the country. These storms play an important role for the stabilization of the water supply, and they can cause as much damage as longer storms. In order to avoid a costly water restoration, you might want to contact a professional landscaping company to build natural landscape barriers around your home or facilities. 

Consider that land has different heights, which makes it necessary to have an effectively designed plan to build the barriers that will protect your property from damage. That’s what you need to make sure you contact professionals with experience in the matter that can save you from future costly water damage restoration. 

Damaged Pipes And Water Lines

Broken pipes and water lines are a frequent cause of flooding in homes. Pipes tend to rust and show signs of decay as time goes by. Plumbing upgrades or repairs can also be the culprit if unintentional damage has occurred, which will eventually manifest as a broken pipe that will require water restoration services. 

In order to spot early signs of potential flooding (Home And Business Flooding) from burst water pipes, you need to be aware of signs of leaking pipes. Occasionally the city water mains may burst, affecting mostly streets, but they can also reach homes or facilities. The only way to prevent this type of flooding is through appropriate landscaping.

Damaged Water Heaters

A broken water heater may cause the entire tank of water to empty all its volume, which can fill a whole furnace area or a basement. It’s not always possible to notice this problem, but some measures can be taken in order to prevent it. The best way to avoid a future expensive water damage restoration, make sure you invest in an annual maintenance check of the system. 

As it occurs with all your devices at home, water heaters don’t last forever. When the pressure in the system is too high, the hot water tank might fracture due to faulty pressure release valves or other components of the unit. Water heaters with more than ten years of use should get an annual inspection from a professional who can identify signs of decay that can hint at present issues. 

Dangers Of Water Flooding

Health And Safety Hazards

When flood removal and water damage restoration are delayed, a number of risk scenarios can develop, including:

  • Structural damage
  • Sharp edges and rusted metals
  • Sanitary threats and diseases caused by standing water
  • Electrical shock risk
  • Contaminated drinking water


Beyond having to invest in water restoration services, the most devastating effect that floods and water damage can leave behind is the loss of life. Currently, flash floods are the leading weather-related cause of death in the United States, and it can take the lives of people, wildlife, livestock, and pets. 

Destruction Of Property

Water damage resulting from flooding accounts for 90% of the damage associated with natural disasters. When it comes to floods, no material goods can be safe, including businesses, homes, property, equipment and vehicles. Unfortunately, only a few inches of water can cause severe damage in residential and commercial settings that might require a professional water damage restoration service. 

Financial Impact

Not all the insurance companies and policies cover water damage caused by floods, which can represent a large financial burden for flooding victims. In the United States all floods registered had a cost of over $8.5 billion in 2011. Take a look at your insurance policy to ensure your home or business is covered, as it can take even years for communities to achieve a complete recovery after a flooding. 

If floods have affected your home you sure want to go back to normal in the shortest possible time with minimal damage. The only way to achieve this is through professional water damage restoration services. Most companies give owners a chance to have their homes or business cleaned up and repaired right after the flooding. 

Extended damage is a good reason to consider remodeling, which can also minimize the risk for future floodings. Don’t panic if your business is hit by a flood, with the right water restoration service you can avoid future damage rather than continuing to be exposed to another event. In case of home or business flooding, the faster you get a clean up and water damage restoration service, the the less damage you will endure.

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