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Great Melbourne Cafes to Visit

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One of the best reasons to visit Australia is that if you’re picky about cafes, you don’t have to suffer bad coffee here. The country is a haven for good coffee, and that’s especially true of Melbourne. The city delights in offering seasonal varieties, new ways of brewing, and introducing new coffee ideas from places like Africa and South America. 

If you’re ever in Melbourne, then you should consider taking a bit of effort to find the following coffee spots: 

Dukes at Ross House

This isn’t a place you go to if you want great food to go with great coffee. Aside from a few pastries that come from Mosaic (a local baker), the place is simply all about coffee. People don’t even stay to enjoy the coffee here. Instead, they line up for coffee to go. 

Here they offer black and milky espresso-based coffees, using various seasonal blends. You can also get some American-style iced coffee, and some batch-brewed filter coffee as well. The coffee is so good that there are lines for the coffee just before 9AM, during lunch time, and in the mid-afternoon hours. Visit at any other time, and you’re in for a shorter wait. 

Axil Coffee Roasters

This is a great café and roastery in Hawthorn, since the Axil team includes Dave Makin. This is the barista who won the national title 3 times and has been the world champion barista as well, so these people know what they’re about. They source most of their beans from ethical growers, and they also change their house blends seasonally to match the food items and to reflect global conditions. 

The main room is actually a converted warehouse space, and the acoustics are strange. Sound and noise don’t travel much, which is great for private conversations. But you do have to make wild gestures to get the attention of the servers! 

Gold Drops

At first glance, this seems like your usual downtown Italian-style espresso bar. But it’s actually the only seller of “natural” coffee in Melbourne. The coffee here boasts of more pronounced fruitiness, which really changes the tenor of milk-based espresso concoctions. 

You can also try out the much different batch-brewed coffee, if you’re not feeling too adventurous. But you should really try the natural coffee at least once. 

ST Ali

This is one of the more popular coffee spots in town, so much so that they even have licensed merchandise. It’s the café that popularized locally roasted beans in the city, and today, they even offer a “Coffee Adventure” that serves up 6 different coffees. 

ST Ali has its own organic blend for its black espresso-based coffee. For their milk-based espressos, they also use a special, proprietary blend. You can also try their hot and cold filter coffees as well.  

Market Lane Coffee

It’s true that a lot of roasters in Melbourne come up with their own proprietary blends. But market Lane is all about single-origin coffee, which they roast in small batches in Prahran Market. This place is a must-visit for self-proclaimed coffee aficionados. 

Take some time to visit here, and talk with the friendly folks to discover the single-origin coffee that will best suit your personal preferences. Their pour-over coffee drinks are just terrific. 


With Acoffee, it’s all about a no-fuss, no-frills coffee experience. You come here to enjoy the coffee, and that’s it. Here, they usually offer a lighter roast than other Melbourne cafes, just to make sure you get to sense the complexity of the flavors. 

The house blend is roasted nearby, and it’s used for the white and black espresso drinks. Or you can go with a pour-over or a cold brew instead. 

Aunty Peg’s

This is the other café that came from the brains behind the popular Proud Mary café in trendy Collingwood, they sure have rather unique ideas about coffee in here. First of all, they don’t allow milk in their coffee, so latte lovers better head elsewhere. The experts here say that the milk just detracts from the complexity of the coffee they serve. The espresso they offer use bens they roast onsite. 

Also, they even offer iced coffee from beer taps, prepared by a beer brewer in the nearby Geelong area. It sure is refreshing, and that high caffeine content will really wake you up. 

Donut King

Of course, you don’t have to find any of these out-of-the-way-places to experience good coffee like the Aussies do. If you’re simply looking for some convenient coffee, then you can always find a Donut King location at any mall in Melbourne. It’s one of the most popular places around. 

There are plenty of different choices here, with hot and cold coffee options along with various types of tea drinks. Then you have plenty of donuts to choose from, nowadays reaching almost up to 60 different donuts. There are even cute donuts here for kids. 

What’s more, you also have various sandwiches, hotdogs, and ice cream too (see full Donut King menu). Every Donut King location is a relaxing place for the entire family.

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