American Express based in America, is the world leading company along with other payment network companies. American Express provides many facilities like corporate banking but is famous for its payment networks and is doing well in its field. The most famous cards of this company are ATM, Credit, and Debit cards because the offers are completely unbeatable.

The American Express credit card generator provides you with a credit card number that is fake but acts as real. It sounds like a scam, but it is legal. It can be used to take free trials of websites and for taking a website test without giving them your actual financial details.


The American Express credit card generator uses an algorithm that is capable of creating a credit card number that is valid, unique, and random. This can be used for testing purposes and to hide the financial identity. While browsing an e-commerce site, a person can buy or sell products using this without doing any direct fund transfer.


Amex Credit Card Generator software which designs the credit card info uses the Luhn algorithm to make the numbers. Believe it, American Express credit card generators are safe to use and do not breach your data.


  1. Go to the American Express card generator website and click on generate option.
  2. To generate the card you will have to wait for a few seconds
  3. When the credit card is generated the user can either copy the details or can download the information.
  4. For All the American Express credit card generators starting value is 3.
  5. Users can validate the credit card using the credit card validate tool


  1. The Fake Credit card number Generator protects your real identity from the websites ( financial identity)
  2. You can use this for taking free trials for apps and games without giving them your real data.
  3. Some websites ask you to give your credit card info for accessing their sites. Although this is annoying to cure, the credit card generator can help.
  4. This whole process is free of cost. You will not be charged even a single buck for this.
  5. So many frauds are running on the internet related to debit and credit card details. The website tracks your card number and other details to attack you. This tool will also help you to protect yourself from these attacks.


1. Can anyone go to jail for using a fake credit card number generator?

Ans. No, unless your transaction includes a real money transfer. If caught making any money transfer using this tool, you will end up behind the bars.

2. Is this illegal, and can be used for free trials?

Ans. This is completely legal and can be used for free trials on any app or game unless they demand the money transfer. 

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