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Here Are 4 Ways Technology Increases Productivity

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Technology and productivity both go hand in hand. That said, it’s nearly impossible to miss how the internet and smartphones cause a good amount of distractions at work. But, if you were to utilize technology properly, it can help businesses achieve their goals in a more easy and fast manner.

Businesses today understand how important technology has become for their productivity. They are always searching for newer technologies to build a more efficient, innovative, and productive workforce.

The increasing trend of remote working has also led to a rise in demand for data. This data has to be accessible at all times, no matter where you are. Productivity leads to establishing a vision and technology helps you work through it.

AI has allowed businesses to reach goals that were nowhere possible in the past. Moreover, you can also build a smart home with devices from FirstEnergy Electric to enjoy the benefits of these smarts.

In this article, we’ll look at the four ways technology can increase productivity, alongside efficiency in the workplace.

Automates Processes and Workflow

Many businesses out there now utilize applications to streamline complex processes and workflows. They have specific features that make time-consuming and repetitive tasks easier. These also include activities like paying bills or collecting and sorting information.

Multiple business automation tools help make running a business more efficient. For example, technology can be used to manage sales and marketing platforms. It allows businesses to engage with potential customers.

Moreover, businesses can use technology for their customer relationship management. It can help create unique online experiences for customers. When monotonous tasks are turned over to powerful technologies, it increases workforce productivity.

This allows employees to spend more time on other important tasks that generate revenue for the business, rather than having to spend time on recurring tasks.

Make Communication Lines Open All the Time

As work-from-home is the new norm, cloud technologies have become essential. They make sure that dispersed workforces have the right kind of resources to not just be productive, but stay connected as well.

Cloud allows you to access important business applications and further ensure that you stay connected with your clients, employees, and partners.

For instance, a cloud-based system gives you the ability to make and receive calls through the internet. This is a must-have for remote work setups. It gives employees a platform to call out to their co-workers and customers without having to use traditional phone means.

Meanwhile, collaboration and communication platforms like G Suite and Slack enable remote employees to work together despite not being in one place. In addition, video conferencing apps like Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom make it easy to host virtual meetings, which leads to higher productivity levels.

Makes it Easy to Set and Meet Goals

Have you noticed the one common thing that most personalities share in their success stories? It’s that they have a vision and a rather strong desire to achieve it. Moreover, many of them also have detailed and organized plans of action for accomplishing certain goals.

Believe it or not, there is great power in setting goals, and technology can help create and lead you towards success. Smartphone features, such as reminders and a to-do list, allow you to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

This allows you to set and manage schedules, and prioritize which goals are the most important to accomplish as compared to the rest.


Makes it Easy to Build Camaraderie

Another way technology has helped to increase productivity is by helping to build team camaraderie, specifically with virtual team bonding. Technology has made it possible for teams across the globe to connect and communicate by taking part in virtual events and games. Sites like escapely.com for example, offer virtual escape rooms and scavenger hunts, helping teams build soft skills while getting to know each other in a stress-free environment.


Allows Better Time Management and Strategic Planning

Proper time management plays a big role in ensuring that both the business and its employees make the most out of their workday. Calendar applications that also allow you to schedule tasks make sure that your day is as productive as possible.

For instance, you can consider using the Google Calendar, and it is accessible on all devices. All you need to do is add your tasks and ensure that you complete them within the designated timeline.

You can set reminders to stay on track. This allows you to be more conscious of how your workday went and also understand what tasks to prioritize first.



Technology is an amazing addition to our daily lives. It not only enables us to manage things in a more refined manner but also helps accomplish our goals by staying productive.


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