Knowing the Difference between Deep Cleaning and Standard Cleaning

Are you looking for professional house cleaning services in Franklin County Ohio and still wondering what type of cleaning your house needs? Before you decide, it’ll interest you to know the major differences between deep cleaning and standard house cleaning services. 

Today’s article covers the major difference between deep and standard house cleaning. So, if you’re looking for a professional cleaning services in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered. 


Standard cleaning services occur weekly with the primary goal of keeping up with the basic cleaning tasks. Tasks that are carried out during this type of cleaning include:

  • Cleaning surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Removing Trash
  • Vacuuming and Mopping

Standard cleaning always occurs at least once per week, and it doesn’t take much time and money as a deep clean.


Deep cleaning takes a step further to getting rid of dust, grime, stains, scrap scum, and other scum around your space. It takes more time and money than standard home cleaning. Unlike other forms of cleaning, deep cleaning involves sanitizing different areas of your home. This helps eliminate disease-causing germs as it leaves all areas clean and disinfected.

Cleaning The Kitchen

  • The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the house, and due to this, it tends to get dirty easily. Food splatters and grease can leave your utensils and the kitchen cabinet dirty. Regular weekly cleaning involves wiping surfaces, countertops, and floor cleaning. However, a deep kitchen cleaning involves:
  • Thorough cleaning of appliances
  • Deep cabinet cleaning
  • Proper cleaning and disinfection of small kitchen utensils
  • Disinfecting of switches and knobs
  • Tidying inside drawers and cabinets

Cleaning The Bathroom

For standard cleaning services, the cleaner only cleans and dusts all surfaces. This includes cleaning the shower, mirror, toilets, and vanity. But when deep cleaning is in the picture, professional cleaners go the extra mile to clean all surfaces thoroughly. This includes:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of waste baskets
  • Scrubbing of grout
  • Cleaning the toilet and all structures around it
  • Thorough cleaning of the shower doors, crevices, and curtains, 
  • Thorough cleaning of vanities and medicine cabinets, 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting knobs 
  • Removal of soap scums

Deep cleaning service leaves your bathroom clean and germ-free.

Cleaning The Whole Spaces

For standard cleaning, the service agent cleans all general spaces in the home. This includes cleaning the floors, wiping surfaces, and arranging things in their original positions. However, deep cleaning services entail:

  • Thorough dusting and cleaning of under furniture
  • Cleaning of ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Thorough cleaning and vacuuming of upholstery
  • Dusting blinds
  • Proper sanitizing of trash cans and other surfaces
  • Furniture polishing and cleaning lamp shades

Once you carry out deep cleaning for your general space, you can maintain it with standard cleaning. Since this space doesn’t always get messed up with water like the bathrooms and kitchen, they don’t tend to get covered in scum easily. 

No matter the type of cleaning service you need in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas, we at Wall2Wall Cleaning Pros have got you covered. We’re highly specialized in deep house cleaning services and reoccurring standard cleanings. So, if you’re in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas and our in need of professional cleaning services feel free to reach out to Wall2Wall Cleaning Pros for a free quote today. Do What You Love, Leave the Cleaning to Us!

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