Professional Development builds strong affiliate partnerships with institutions with a vision common to ours of sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources. In association with the University of Chester, we offer the Executive Mini-MBA Accelerator, supported by innovative academic research. With a distinctive blend of management ideas and practice from both public and private spheres. This unique program will provide all essentials of theoretical and practical facets of an MBA put together in five days of delivery and best for your Career. With the help of our subject matter experts, participants will go over and learn about leadership, project management, finance, and marketing. Students will study business theories, models, and case studies together with real-world examples so those who study this program can amend their current practices with freshly attained knowledge about management.

Course Qualifications and Other Specifics

Your Mini MBA certification can be accredited or non-accredited per your career needs. If you complete the former, you will earn a PGCert in Business Administration (WBIS) from the University of Chester, which will add 60 points towards a master’s. We suggest at least three years of experience in a senior management position for this programme.

The Executive Mini-MBA Programme comprises three modules. Each helps pave the way for a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration (WBIS): Leadership for Excellence in Projects and Processes, Finance for Managers and Leaders and Strategic Management for Marketing.

This program covers relevant vital aspects for a postgraduate certificate in order with the QAA Subject Benchmark Statement- Master’s Degrees in Business and Management (3rd Ed, 2015).

A total of five sessions (Leadership in Action, Managing Excellence in Processes and Projects, Strategic Management, Finance for Managers. Marketing Across Boundaries) and their essential substance will direct the participants on the path of bolstering their career prospects.

Student evaluation will depend on three assignments via a work-based critically reflective report. As it is work-based learning and the assessments apply to the business situation/workplace. This provides the student and the organization an opportunity to learn and acclimate to business practices.

We will continue to offer guidance throughout the course to support our students. They will have access to the University of Chester’s e-library. A well-experienced academic assessor will provide expert guidance to go along with the group workshops about specific study skills. Moreover, our well-qualified tutors and subject matter experts are highly experienced professionals.

This course is appropriate for you if you are determined to

  • Improve your grasp of key business concepts
  • Make superior decisions and work strategically
  • Develop your critical business thinking
  • Learn effective communication and planning
  • Advance your career trajectory post-leaving the Armed Forces

Price and Duration

We offer the course in Central London and Manchester or via virtual classrooms. A Virtual Classroom will cost you £3,000, while a Face to Face Classroom will cost you £4,000 before adding VAT. If you wish to reserve more than one slot for your colleagues. You will find it more helpful to book an in-house training course should the group exceed seven people. In-house training is an excellent course for you if you are looking for industry and business sector-specific training with a cost-effective plan. In addition, you can decide the date and time of delivery as suitable.

About Us

At In Professional Development, our tutors are well-qualified, accomplished, and experienced subject matter experts. They hail from various entrepreneurial, engineering, academic, and multi-industrial backgrounds. We continue to deliver excellence through all our courses and training options with expertise to thousands of delegates and their distinct professional needs. Contact our executive education consultants for further information about our programs. Reach us at 01615092999 and [email protected].

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