The concept of affirmation may have been around from time immemorial. But it remains one of the most effective ways to boost self-confidence, especially during adversity.  

In this article, we focus on the role of affirmation cards for children. Read on for insights into the benefits of sending affirmation cards to your precious little ones and how to go about it.

What Are Affirmations?  

Affirmations are positive statements of truth aimed at encouraging oneself or boosting self-esteem. The statements are usually spoken or written down. Written affirmations are typically pinned on walls, office tables, or other public displays where they’re easily accessible.  

Most people invoke affirmations when undergoing or about to face difficult situations. However, experts recommend saying these mantras as part of your daily ritual.  

Repeated frequently enough, affirmations can go a long way in combating self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions, such as self-doubt and self-guilt. 

What Are Examples Of Affirmations?  

Affirmation statements come in all shapes and sizes. Common ones include;  

  • I am beautiful the way I am.  
  • I choose to have a positive attitude.  
  • Everything happening around me is preparing me for greater days ahead.  
  • I am getting better every day.  
  • I forgive myself for not being perfect.  
  • My past doesn’t define my future.  
  • I am in perfect control of the situation.  
  • I believe I can do everything.  

What Are Affirmation Cards?  

Affirmation cards are cards bearing affirmation statements. The cards serve as a positive reminder of who you are and your life’s purpose.  

Affirmation cards can be used as a means of self-inspiration. You can also dedicate these cards to your near and dear ones to help them feel better about themselves. 


What Are The Benefits Of Affirmation Cards For Children? 

  1. Fostering a Positive Mindset  

This is arguably the most significant benefit of affirmations. Whether repeated by children or adults, these statements can help cultivate a positive attitude.  

Affirmations may not necessarily whisk a problem into oblivion. But they can change how your kids approach every problematic situation. 

  1. Serving As a Dose of Inspiration  

Children, like adults, have their high and low moments. There will be days when your little ones wake up grumpy and remain cranky throughout the day. Or, they could be facing creative blocks in their little ways.  

Kids affirmation cards can make a world of difference during such occasions. The motivational statements in the cards can cheer up your kids while also helping them deal decisively with inspirational blocks. 

  1. Cultivating Feelings of Self-worth 

Do you know how often your kids have been physically or verbally abused behind your back? A lot more than you can think.  

Many of these bullying incidents go unreported. But they can adversely affect your child’s mental health in the long run.  

Giving your kids affirmation cards from time to time is a proactive way of helping them deal with the negative thoughts resulting from mean treatment by their peers. A card with statements like “I’m pretty the way I am” will remind your little girl that she’s not the ‘ugly monster’ her classmate thinks she is. 

  1. Spreading Kindness  

Affirmation cards aren’t only intended to make your kids feel great about themselves. The thoughtful sentiments in these cards may also help spread kindness and positive vibes.  

Your children can cultivate acts of love and kindness towards themselves and others.  

  1. Celebrating Flaws and Weaknesses 

Children take flaws and failures more personally than adults. Failing to make specific grades or master cycling skills could leave your kid feeling all too embarrassed with themselves.  

Fortunately, you can use affirmation cards to help your children celebrate their flaws, mistakes, and setbacks. The self-comforting messages on these cards will enable your kids to realize that failure is a normal part of life. 

  1. Harnessing Inner Strengths 

Affirmation cards may also help kids tap into their inner strengths and creativity.  

A card bearing the statement “I’m unique” will constantly remind your child that there’s something special about them. Reading this statement daily will eventually make the child want to discover their inner potential. 


How to Make the Most of Affirmation Cards for Children 

Affirmation cards are useless without positive statements in them. But that’s not all. It’s also important to give your kids cards that contain audience-specific mantras. Your 5-year-old would struggle to relate to the statement, “the universe is soon pairing me up with my soul mate,” much as this is a powerful affirmation for attracting love.  

It’s also important to remember that affirmations work best when constantly repeated. The conventional wisdom is to repeat these mantras at least thrice a day. You could dedicate a few minutes each morning to the breakfast table, reading the affirmation cards with your little ones and discussing how they feel about the statements. If you have school-going children, you could hide the card in their books to increase interactions with it.  

Last but not least, resist the urge to bombard your children with affirmation cards. You can start with one statement and repeat it for several days or weeks, depending on how soon your child masters the concept. That means each affirmation card ought to have only one mantra. 


Wrap Up 

Children affirmation cards offer a passive way to cultivate positive habits in your little ones. Remember to choose the most appropriate message with the card, depending on your child’s age.  

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