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How can I design a thermo cup myself?

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There are special offers that are equipped with a plastic sheath, and how to fix a mug crack behind which there is a removable sheet. This can be painted, for example, or printed with a photo. Another option is to provide an ideal steel Thermo cup with an individual engraving.


Is there already a thermal cup test from Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a pure test for thermal cups. Therefore, there is no official Thermo cup test winner. But there was an extensive test on the subject of thermal bottles in 2008. At that time, an offer from Thermos received the top grade.


How is the Emsa N20128 Thermo cup opened?   

The Emsa thermo cup can be opened at the touch of a button. Thus, the thermal cup can be opened safely with one hand, which is very suitable for motorists, for example.


How long does the BOHORIA® Premium Mug keep the temperature of beverages constant?   

This insulating cup from BOHORIA® reliably keeps hot drinks warm for 12 hours, and refreshing drinks cold for 24 hours. With a capacity of 360 ml, it also fits well everywhere.


Is the Thermos ThermoBecher Stainless King coated inside?   

No, compared to other thermal cups, this model does not have an inner coating, but only stainless steel. This ensures that the taste of the drinks is not distorted.


Is the eppikan® Stainless Steel Thermo cup odourless and tasteless?   

Yes, the eppikan® Stainless Steel Thermo cup is odourless and tasteless and free of harmful substances. The manufacturer recommends cleaning by hand.


How much capacity does the Bodum Travel Mug have?   

The Bodum Travel Mug holds 0.35 litres. Due to its insulating performance, it is perfect for transporting coffee or tea.


What is the capacity of the Travel Mug?   

The Thermo cup with a 360° drinking opening has a capacity of 360 ml.


Can the 720°DGREE Premium Thermo cup be easily opened and closed?   

This model from 720°DGREE is equipped with a well-thought-out closure system. When you buy the thermo cup, you can open and close it by clicking on the lid surface.


How wide is the Mameido thermo cup at the bottom edge?   

The Mameido thermo cup has a diameter of 7.4 cm at the narrowest point of the lowest edge.


Is the thermal cup from Contigo leak-proof?   

Yes, the thermal cup from Contigo is leak-proof. Thanks to auto seal technology, the best coffee mug the cup close automatically after each sip, so your drink cannot be spilt.


Doesn’t the Emsa Thermo cup get hot from the outside?   

No, when you buy the thermal cup from Emsa, you benefit from a double-walled stainless steel cup that does not get hot from the outside.


Which grades did the individual Thermo cups receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal thermal cup test winner from the following list:


First place – good: West Loop by Contigo – exemplary Internet price: 29 Euro

Second place – good: Insulated Travel Mug by MAMEIDO – exemplary Internet price: 25 Euro

Third place – good: 515615 Travel Mug Classic Grande by Emsa – exemplary Internet price: 25 Euro

Fourth place – good: N20128 from Emsa – exemplary Internet price: 20 Euro

Fifth place – good: Travel Mug by Emsa – exemplary Internet price: 25 Euro

Sixth place – good: ® Premium Mug by Bohoria – exemplary Internet price: 19 Euro

Seventh place – good: Thermobecher Stainless King by Thermos – exemplary Internet price: 25 Euro

Eighth place – very good: Travel Mug by Bodum – exemplary Internet price: 18 Euro

Ninth place – very good: ® Stainless Steel Thermo cup from Eppikan – exemplary Internet price: 20 Euro

Tenth place – very good: Premium Thermo cup from 720°DGREE – exemplary Internet price: 25 Euro


For the thermal cup comparison, only “very good” thermal cups and “good” thermal cups from 8 different manufacturers could be identified. To make it easier for you to choose despite the high quality of all thermal cups, the comparison also includes a comparison winner West Loop from Contigo and the price-performance winner Travel Mug from Bodum.


In the thermal cup comparison, the manufacturer Emsa has the most thermal cups in the product table with 3 out of 10 different products.


From how many different manufacturers can the best product be selected in the Thermo cup comparison?

In the product table for the thermal cup comparison, which was compiled by our editors, you have the opportunity to select a thermal cup from 8 well-known manufacturers.


How much do the thermal cups cost on average in a product comparison?

On average, you can spend between 28.83 euros and 17.60 euros on a cup.

We suggest Bodum’s Price Performance Winner Travel Mug because it provides excellent value for money at 17.60 Euros.

Which it model has gotten the most positive feedback so far?

Emsa’s travel mug received the most positive feedback. Out of the competition’s ten thermal cups, earning it a total of 4.8 stars.


Which thermal cups from the product comparison were convincing and receive the grade “VERY GOOD”?

The given three columnists happened eligible to assure them of the personality of the products in the  tournament . And so obtained the tallest rating: DGREE 720 Premier  Thermo Cup. Bodies and Eppikan Travel Mugs; Stainless steel thermo cup

What similar items have consumers who added a Thermo cup to their shopping cart looked at?

Before a Thermo cup was purchased, customers often examined other coffee cups to go. Emsa thermo cups and coffee mugs.

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