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How does a good customer facing display help your repair business?

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Are completing repair jobs the number one priority at a repair shop?

Obviously, yes. It should be or else you’ll be out of business.

But so is a good customer experience. 

This may sound like an abstract concept, but  good customers experience is something that’ll drive your customers back into your store, craving that magical and fulfilling experience at your shop.

Work hard, but more importantly, work smartly! 

There are several factors that can influence your customer’s experience. You can break them down separately, or club them together under a larger umbrella. Whatever you do, the fact remains the same: A good customer experience ensures customer retention.

What’s a Customer Facing Display?

While out shopping, chances are that you’ve interacted with a customer facing display at least once in your lifetime. As a business owner, you may or may not be considering one as part of your checkout process. 

The primary functionality of this POS system, integrated with your repair shop software, is an efficient way to collect payments and streamline your customers’ purchases.

It’s also an amazing approach to keep your business operations up-to-date. Arming your repair shop with a customer facing display sets you apart from the competition. 

Why is that?

Because in this day and age of digitization and automation, nothing infuses confidence into your customers like updated systems. Specifically, where a customer gets to interact with it.

For instance, if you walk into a repair store which does not have a repair shop software in place, your confidence and comfortability with the store will decrease instantly. This is because the customer cannot review their items of purchase or see the pricing breakdown.

They’ll end up asking your cashier all the redundant questions, which are easily avoidable and the time spent answering them can be repurposed with the checkout process of customers.

However, if we consider a repair shop that has a computer repair shop POS software with a customer facing display, your walk-in will not be that judgmental, and could, to an extent, be impressed. 

There are multiple options in the market offering several types of POS systems. Having one with a customer facing display should be a priority. In short, for a repair shop to professionally deal with a customer, a POS system is a prerequisite.

This goes without a doubt that choosing a customer facing display will act as the catalyst and drive your repair shop towards the heights you were aiming for. 


Now, let’s walk you through the importance and impact of having a customer facing display in your repair shop.

But first and foremost — What’s displayed on a Customer Facing Terminal?

  • Items for Purchase
  • Separate & Accumulated Prices
  • Tax Breakdown
  • Payment Options, Prompts & Confirmation

Primarily, a customer facing display is a checkout screen that displays all the information about a transaction. 

Items for Purchase

Reduce the risk of losing money by ensuring that your customer knows exactly what they’re going to buy – be it a part, a service, or both. This lets your customers review their transactional items during the checkout process.

Separate & Accumulated Prices

Let’s say a customer is buying a repair service and parts, and the total items on the checkout page are more than 4 or 5. A customer facing display lets your customer know the total accumulated price figure, as well as the cost breakdown of each service and/or parts.

Tax Breakdown

Your customers need to know about the cost they’re going to pay in the entirety of the bill. What this means is that the cost of a service and the tax applied to it are two separate categories.

You can easily cut down any checkout errors by revealing the exact amount they’ve to pay, and the total tax (including per service/part) infused with their payment. 

If you’re offering discounts on any item, it will show itself on the checkout screen so the customer can visually analyze and confirm their order.

Payment Options, Prompts & Confirmation

What if a customer wants you to pay in installments, are you going to break down all the options and manually explain it to them?

You can have preconfigured payment options via your computer repair shop POS software, which can be displayed to the customer via the terminal facing them, on which they can select the type of payment options they’d want to take. 

These options can also include the debit cards, credit cards, paypal and any other payment method you accept.

The best part about having a customer facing display is that you can upsell certain services. 

You can easily drive sales in an upward direction by displaying ads on the checkout screen, prompting your customer to buy anything they’ve missed out on. 

This clubbing together of parts/services allows you to generate additional revenue, which would have otherwise been lost — a very lucrative benefit of having a customer facing display.

These screens are easily configurable. You can display promotional offers, discounts and special sales to make the customer facing display a marketing tool as well. Insert your repair shop’s logo and this can actively increase your brand’s awareness as well.

Digital Signatures for Confirmation

Save yourself from refund claims and stop the chance of losing any money. Digital signatures allow your repair business to minimize the risks of unsatisfied customers trying to take their money back from you. 

Once you get the appropriate authorization from your customers on payments, before or after repairs, you exponentially reduce the possibility of payment disputes and win more chargebacks.

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