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How Much Do Movers and Packers Cost in San Francisco? The Full Guide by California Movers USA

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When moving somewhere else, leaving your current location with all your possessions is one of the most challenging tasks in the world, so California Movers USA are here to help you. The main concern of relocating is packing and moving your stuff. No matter how efficient you are in that task still, it’s good to have the assistance of professional packaging services in San Francisco. The significant aspect is that you can’t miss out on the cost of this procedure as you do not want to get out of your budget just for the relocation’s sake. 

However, you can relieve your stress working with professional movers as they’ll do all the heavy lifting tasks for you. This will surely cost you a bit extra but trust me, it’s all worth it. Since you might modify the service to meet your unique demands, hiring expert movers is an excellent choice. You select whether they pack, load the truck, drive across, and unpack everything at your new home or whether they do a fraction of it. 

We’ve streamlined and clarified several vital factors that could affect your relocating fee to help you better understand how much movers and packers will cost. The cost you have to pay varies based on localities and areas. Here you’ll get to know about that too:

How much does it cost to move San Francisco Bay area local?

Depending on the type of service you select, the quantity of your move, and the distance among points, there will be a significant pricing disparity for moving within the San Francisco Bay area. The lowest-priced option is typically renting your vehicle, while the costliest is hiring traditional full-service movers. A transportable container sits in the middle.

Local relocation prices for a fairly equipped 2- to 3bhk home in San Francisco will vary from $50* on the low end. The pickup vehicles to cost $2,000* on the higher side for a typical mover, depending on how many things you’re relocating and how many miles there are. For a moderately furnished 2 to 3 bhk home in San Francisco, moving locally with a PODS container typically costs between $510* and $590*. This price includes built-in storage for one month, whether in your driveway or at a stable storage unit, and standard delivery and pickup provider.

How much do you have to pay to move services from San Francisco to another state?

If you’re relocating to some other state, it makes a huge difference whether you reside on the west coast instead of making the long drive to New York or Florida. Your rate grows as you rack up extra kilometers. Here are some approximate figures for your various options:

  • A truck rentals for cross-country relocation cost the equivalent of $2,000 to $4,000 including extra expenses. Almost all the movers’ company estimates a similar range.
  • The average cost of full-service movers for moves over 1,000 miles ranges from $950 to $8,400+.
  • For long-distance relocation, PODS movable boxes typically cost between $1,237 and $2,999, with one month of storage.

There are many more factors besides cost when picking relocation services. Many people’s relocation situations and choices matter far more than cost.

How does it like to work with San Francisco moving companies or long-distance movers?

You might also want to contact professional movers if you don’t like to handle packaging and transporting your possessions out of San Francisco. The highly-priced and hands-off coverage provided is this one.

You can pick the amount of service you desire while working with a full-service mover. For instance, you can stick to the essentials and only have them handle the transportation, loading, and unloading, or you can pay more to have them take everything, especially packing your belongings and protecting fragile objects. If you like, they will even unbox and reinstall furniture.

Asking friends and family for suggestions and requesting written quotations are good places to start when looking for professional packing services in San Francisco. Be aware of low offers when comparing quotes because these could be frauds.

How you will get to have an approximate idea of full-service movers?

  • Local moves: Depending on an hourly charge per moving specialist, you may typically acquire an estimated by phone (ask for a printed description through email) or occasionally over the internet.
  • For long-distance: Transfers, a digital walk-through or in-home evaluation, is typically necessary, and the cost is dependent on the expected load of your possessions and the location.

Few additional prices that you have to pay your movers:

The statistics that discussed above give you a good reference point, considering the type of relocation you desire and the distance your relocation will take you, but many more factors could raise costs. Only after accounting for the added expenses, your move necessitates can you truly determine how much movers spend.

  1. Extra workforce

When the relocation company determines you require more than two guys to accomplish your transfer, this mostly happens during local moves. An additional mover pays between $25 and $50 per individual.

2. A promised arrival time:

Knowing with certainty when your belongings will reach has always been suitable for long migrations. This usually has an additional fee, particularly if you’ve requested fast service.

3. Flight cost:

There is typically a fee per winding staircase when having stuff moved up or down.

4. Escalator fee:

You could still pay an additional price for packers transporting items up and down stairs, even if your residence has an escalator.

5. Bringing an appliance:

There may be a charge for transporting large items like fridges, washers, dryers, and machines. The good news is that maintenance at your new house can also be included.

6. Long-haul charge:

Plan on spending more if the distance between your front door and the shifting truck is more significant than usual. Before they start charging, ask your movers what their maximum range is, and then estimate it, so you are ready.

How will you be able to pick the best San Francisco moving company?

Prices should not be your top priority when selecting expert movers in San Francisco. However, it is also essential. After all, if an incompetent staff damages your stuff, your move is significantly delayed, or you are hit with exorbitant additional expenses, the cheaper rate won’t seem like savings.

Here are the primary considerations when selecting inexpensive movers you can depend on.

  • If anything happens, they are authorized and protected.
  • Positive comments and recommendations
  • Long history in the field and the area
  • Not casual personnel, but professional, experienced, and background-checked movers
  • A fleet of dedicated trucks and specialized machinery
  • Low claim frequency Services required
  • No significant upfront expenditures, secret fees, or puzzling terms


When making plans to relocate, knowing what to look at and how to plan will keep track of costs and, as closely as practicable, stick to a budget. Moving costs might be difficult to estimate because they vary from individual to individual and location to location. Still, if you make wise decisions, you can lower the likelihood of unforeseen problems. If you are willing to relocate in the upcoming months, then you should try having the assistance of California Movers, as they’ll help you with every issue regarding packing and moving that come across while relocating.

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