Currently, there are many possibilities for adornment years ago. It has become the handiest viable to provide steel silver tones to doors, home windows, and enclosures. Nowadays, there may be a comprehensive form of finishes and sunglasses, so one can pick only one that exceptionally fits the ornament of your home. Those finishes may be used for all varieties of enclosures, from windows and doors to mosquito nets and blinds. 

 Those are the three styles of aluminum profile finishes most typically used these days: 


  • Anodized 
  • Lacquered 
  • Timber impact 
  • Anodized 


Aluminum anodizing (or anodic oxidation) is an electrolytic treatment that permits the introduction of artificial layers of 7075 aluminum extrusion oxide on the floor of the profiles. 

 As it is a film of its rust, its bonding is due to chemical bonding forces. This link between the protecting layer and the cloth approach that this finish achieves profiles that can be highly proof against corrosion, abrasion, and wear. 


This end has a somewhat complex system, along with: 

 Degreasing bath + washing-this toilet removes any other dirt which could stay after the Aluminum extrusion method. It affects a clean, chemically prepared surface. 

 Chemical pickling or satin + washing.-on this step, the herbal oxide is removed, attaining a silky and satin finish. 

 They neutralized + washed.-right here, the stays of the previous pickling are removed to keep away from contamination inside the following manner and to have a neutral surface. 

Anodic oxidation + washing.-this is the crucial step and the only one that defines the anodizing technique.  

 It’s miles an electrolytic bath via which the anodic layer is fashion. With the aid of inducing an electric present-day between the anode+ and the cathode-, the water ions (H2O) generally tend to oxidize the aluminum, forming the preferred alumina layer on the profiled floor.  

 However, this “barrier movie” acquires a chain of uniformly disbursed pores, which, as weak spots, have to be dealt with Color bathtub + wash. 

 This technique is optional, as the fabric can be supplied in its natural coloration. In this treatment, the pores described above are full of metal salts or particular chemical substances that could offer the preferred color.  

 There’s a wide variety of colors in anodized (burdeos, blue, inexperienced, black, gray, bronze, stainless steel, champagne, gold, herbal). Different finishes (matt-blasted, outstanding gloss, sandpaper, sharpening, repulsed, or mixtures of those) washing in deionized wáter.-on this method, the profiles are washed to leave them easy and free from acids. 

 The sealing pores. This manner is of brilliant significance. There are techniques to reap the hermetic sealing of pores: hydration and impregnation. 

 Hydration: The pore open introduces the profile in demineralized water. Hydrating the alumina layer will increase its quantity and tightly last the pores. 

 Impregnation: in this case, the water carries metal salts that complete the pores and last them water tightly. 

 It needs to be referred to that the anodized end of aluminum is the most effective remedy that protects a hundred% of the floor. 

 In Ponsico Aluminum Carpentry, we have an extensive form of anodized profiles, touch us, and we will recommend you keep with your wishes. 


Lacquering treatment includes shielding and painting the aluminum profile’s surface with the electrostatic powder paint software to the aluminum floor. The paints used for this end are polyester or polyurethane resins. It’s worth noting the high resistance of those finishes to UV rays, atmospheric retailers, and corrosion. 

 One of the primary advantages of lacquering is that there’s a pervasive range of colors. All the coloring possibilities and sunglasses are pondered inside the RAL chart; that’s a preference that attributes to every coloration a four-digit code. 


What is the aluminum lacquering technique? 

Floor cleansing.-Sprays, or immerses itself in an acidic aqueous strategy to depart the floor easy of greases, dust, or every other dirt that may remain after the extrusion technique 

 Floor attack.- This procedure eliminates the herbal layer of aluminum oxide. This method can increase in both an acidic medium and an alkaline medium. 

 Conversion of the anchor layer (primer).- is one of the maximum essential phases of the technique. First, the profiles are impregnated with an answer that offers them adhesion. The shapes are then taken to a drying oven to prepare them for the following phase. 

 Software of paint.- this is the remedy that defines the lacquering process. A sequence of undoubtedly charged electrostatic weapons spray the powder paint onto the profiles with a bargain-basement fee. In this manner, the paint is hooked up to the surface.  

 This paint consists of pigments and loads, components, and essentially resins, which confer the formation of the non-stop and stable paint movie, well adhered to the floor and performing as a barrier to moisture. 

In-furnace polymerization.- on this phase. The thermo-hardening of the resins is achieved. They are placed in air convection furnaces at a temperature between 180 and 2 hundredºc for about 20 mins. Which melt the waxes. Finally attaching them to the profile. The thicknesses which might be performed are very uniform. From 60 to 80 microns. 


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