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How to Avoid Sports Eye Injuries

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Eye injuries can happen for multiple reasons, such as at work or through falls, but one of the more frequent causes of eye injuries is playing sports.

All ages can sustain sports-related eye injuries, but children account for the majority of instances. According to the Vision Health Alliance, children under the age of 15 accounts for more than 40% of eye injuries. Additionally, boys between the ages of 11 and 15 are five times more likely to sustain an injury that necessitates medical attention.

How Common are Sports Eye Injuries?

According to the Vision Council, there are approximately 600,000 sports-related eye injuries in the US each year. From little scratches to injuries that could impair vision, many injuries could happen. Blunt force trauma is the most typical kind of eye injury sustained when participating in sports.

Sports injuries to the eye can also result from fingers poking the eye and falls, although blunt force trauma to the eye is typically caused by an object, such as a stick, bat, or ball impacting the eye.

The good news is that most sports-related eye injuries may be avoided. Learn how to reduce your risk and your child’s risk of sports-related eye injuries by reading on.

Get A Thorough Eye Examination

Your vision can affect your performance, technique, inherent talent, and the amount of practice necessary in sports! Make sure you undergo a thorough eye checkup before engaging in any sports, especially if you have a history of eye disease in your family or an underlying eye issue. In this manner, any condition that has to be treated can be taken care of right away to prevent serious eye issues.

Go For Polycarbonate Plastic

For sports eye safety, regular eyewear such as contacts, glasses, or eyeglasses is insufficient. In the event of an accident, the glass can shatter and seriously harm your eyes. Wear protective eyewear with UV ray protection that is composed of plastic polycarbonate, which is shatterproof and extremely robust.

These impact-resistant, lightweight, and thin Polycarbonate lenses provide the finest eye protection because of their lightweight construction. To avoid performance-impairing discomfort, you should also make sure that your prescription sports goggles fit comfortably.

Choose The Right Athletic Eye Safety Gear

One pair of eyewear doesn’t fit all because different sports pose distinct eye hazards and are played in various environments. It’s imperative that you purchase the appropriate protective eyewear for the sports you play.

For instance, when riding, swimming, or skiing, you might wear polycarbonate eyeglasses, goggles, or ski glasses. Select your eye protection accordingly.

Report Cases Of Eye Trauma Immediately

If you sustain injury to your eyes, seek immediate medical attention from an eye doctor. We are equipped to find covert indications of eye damage thanks to our expertise, knowledge, and tools. Delaying medical evaluation and treatment could make your condition worse. If left untreated, it could possibly result in permanent visual loss.

Avoid Self-Medication

Never attempt to self-treat an eye injury. Avoid applying pressure, touching, or rubbing the affected eye. You may rely on your eye doctor to take care of any objects that become lodged in your eye. Do not use any drugs or ointments on the wound, as this could make it worse.

Take Extra Precautions In High-Risk SportsSports Glasses

Injury is more likely to occur in high-risk activities like hockey, paintball, basketball, and soccer. The players are close together, and the ball typically moves at high speed. Different eye and face protective equipment is needed for these kinds of sports, but always make sure the gear is the right size for you.

For sports like hockey, basketball, and soccer, you can use a wire or polycarbonate mask or sports eye guards. For football, you can wear a polycarbonate shield coupled with a faceguard or sports eye guards. For baseball, you can wear a polycarbonate face guard. Although there are no eye protection solutions available for some sports, such as boxing and martial arts, thumbless gloves can help prevent eye injuries.

Use Prescription Glasses If Required

When wearing glasses, make sure they have sturdy frames with a secure strap to adjust comfortably. In the event of an accident, the lenses should either stay in place or pop outside to protect your eyes.

Look for padding around the edges of your nose and eyebrows to prevent them from scratching your face, and keeping a spare pair on hand will be very helpful in an emergency! Occasionally, lens fogging can also be a concern, so look for lenses that have an anti-fog coating or side vents for increased ventilation.


Consult a professional eye specialist if you or your child suffers a sports eye injury. Even if you believe the damage to be small, it is important to have it assessed.

We hope the above advice may help you prevent sports-related eye injuries. Just like everywhere else, prevention is always preferable to treatment. Not all sports-related eye injuries are curable. In order to safeguard your eyes, it is best to wear prescription sports goggles. At CA Glasses you can get a wide range of sports glasses, visit now!

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